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Whale of a time: Loft living on the high seas

  • The 90-meter concept yacht is shaped like a whale
  • The design company Puresang has used innovative glass design to create light and space
  • Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, the yacht's designers are in talks to make the concept a reality
  • The "Beluga" features a swimming pool, library and whiskey bar

(CNN) -- It draws more from fantasy than function: a luxury concept yacht inspired by one of the ocean's most mythologized creatures -- the great whale.

Now the outlandish 90-meter superyacht, aptly named "The Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas," could be transformed into reality, according to its designers.

The concept superyacht, designed by Puresang, garnered much attention when it was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

While many concepts fail to make it into production, Puresang says it's currently in talks with three potential clients to build the yacht, including a major Dutch manufacturer.

According to Will Erens, Puresang's CEO and chief designer, "Beluga" would cost around $200 million to construct.

It's a concept made for lively billionaires.
--Will Erens, Puresang CEO and chief designer
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Despite its steep price tag, once built, owners would be treated to a "palace of light," achieved by the yacht's innovative use of glass.

"I hate how superyachts are designed these days with lots of levels without heights," said Erens. "I want the owners to experience loft living on the sea."

To create the atmosphere of "space and airiness," Erens joined forces with the decorative glass company Glass Deco.

Both light and height are emphasized, thanks to the use of glass staircases, a glass domed master bedroom and a nine-meter-high crystal chandelier, which hangs from the upper living room and cascades into the dining room.

Outside, the Beluga's sundeck features a 14-meter swimming pool, spa and cocktail bar, as well as lounge area.

The "belly" of the yacht -- designed to hold five luxury suites with balconies and en suite spas, a Turkish bath, gym and movie theatre -- was inspired by the story of Pinocchio.

"It's the story where Pinocchio ends up in the tummy of the whale and experiences the party and fun life," said Erens.

"We have built a club in the tenders and other things, like the front opening up to a green garden. It's a concept made for lively billionaires."


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