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Plastiki: Undersail on the final leg

  • Plastiki left Samoa on the June 14, heading to Australia
  • Repairs to the boat had to be made while in Samoa
  • Crew expect more unpredictable weather as they sail further into southern hemisphere's winter

(CNN) -- After restocking and making some repairs to the Plastiki, the crew are underway on the final leg of their voyage.

On arriving in Samoa the crew noticed that the beams that support the cabin and the deck and the bulk heads had buckled and were out of place. The intense heat experienced between Christmas Island and Samoa was thought to be the culprit.

Metal struts were added to prevent more buckling and a lee board attached to the leeward side of the boat that, it is hoped, will allow for more precise steerage. Previously the crew had found the boat was susceptible to sideways "crabbing".

Vern Moen and Max Jourdan rejoined the boat, and joining for the first time was Plastiki Expedition director Matthew Grey. After leaving Samoa on June 14 the final leg is expected to take around 40 days. To date the crew have traveled over 5,800 nautical miles.

As Plastiki sails into the winter of the southern hemisphere towards the final destination of Sydney, Australia, expectations are that the weather will present some rougher seas than what the crew have experienced so far on the voyage.

The Plastiki is a sailing catamaran built from plastic. The crew left San Francisco in mid-March with the aim of reaching Sydney, Australia.

The expedition's goal is to spread the word about the rapid growth of non-recyclable plastics across the planet, and how pervasive the problem of plastic waste has become.


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