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'My Generation' iPad app syncs with TV

John D. Sutter
The "My Generation" app for the iPad listens to the TV and syncs up with the programming on the ABC show.
The "My Generation" app for the iPad listens to the TV and syncs up with the programming on the ABC show.
  • A new app for the iPad listens to TV and syncs up with an ABC show
  • The "My Generation Sync" app gives viewers extra content
  • The app uses the iPad's microphone to pick up on the programming
  • The app falls in line with others that aim to make TV more social and to add multitasking

(CNN) -- Don't have a friend who will watch TV with you?

Now you can turn to your iPad for company.

A new app for Apple's tablet computer will listen to the ABC television series "My Generation" with you, and serve up content to augment the experience.

Using the iPad's built-in microphone, the free "My Generation Sync" app literally syncs up with the TV show so it can give you information about what's happening at that very moment on the television.

The app would let viewers "take polls and quizzes" and "get behind the scenes" info as the show progresses, according to a description in the iTunes App Store. The app also lets viewers connect with social networks.

It launched Thursday, according to the site.

The show-syncing program comes as TV viewers -- like everyone else -- tend to multitask while watching their favorite shows. Online social networks such as GetGlue and Miso let viewers "check in" to certain programs, alerting their friends to the things they're watching and reading at any given time. Others have sought to bring social network chatter into TV programming, or TV programming into social networks such as Facebook.

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said he thinks media-viewing will only get more social.

"Zuckerberg imagines Facebook as, eventually, a layer underneath almost every electronic device. You'll turn on your TV, and you'll see that fourteen of your Facebook friends are watching 'Entourage,' and that your parents taped '60 Minutes' for you," Jose Antonio Vargas writes in that magazine.

An executive at ABC also told The Hollywood Reporter that the new "My Generation Sync" app plays on the trend of people fiddling with other electronic devices while sitting in front of the TV.

"The big thing that's changed to make a go at this again is more and more people are multitasking in the living room environment," Albert Cheng told that publication.

"This was another opportunity to take a crack at this again."


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