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Tweets from the Plastiki

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The view from a mast cam

(CNN) -- CNN is tracking the Plastiki's voyage across the Pacific Ocean. As part of that CNN is monitoring Plastiki on Twitter, and showing some of the most insightful -- and entertaining tweets.

April 27
only 32 miles away till the N/W point of Christmas Island! We've been at sea for 39 days and over 3500 N.miles!
-- David de Rothschild

April 26
So close yet so far. 130 miles to go. Yesterdays strong winds were not seen on any forecast, this meant that we had to run west.
-- Jo Royle

raining hard,, super light winds, cant seem to get dry, getting sore bum from sitting in wet shorts :( but closing in on land!
-- David de Rothschild

April 24
just seen a pod of pilot whales, just blows you away how majestic and special these ocean creatures are! dont forget its Fish Free Friday!
-- David de Rothschild

April 23
Congratulation to crew member @VernMoen who is a dad for the 1st time- lots of love to the new mum and dad- we're wishing for strong winds!
--Plastiki Crew

More like "Bearth Day". Baby Boy - 8 lbs. Working on the name...
--Vern Moen

April 22
Happy Earth day!!! I hope you all manage to find something to do that helps the planet breathe!
-- David de Rothschild

April 19
its amazing how somethings as small as fresh bread can make a huge difference to the spirit, its all about the simple things -a nice lesson!
-- David de Rothschild

April 18
ive seemed to have picked up a new habit when sleeping- ready for it - drooling! super hot cabin = mouth open sleep+rocking boat = drool!yuk
-- David de Rothschild

April 16
Today I was debilitated by heat. Brain swollen. Sweat everywhere. Starting to hear wolves howling. Losing mind.
-- Vern Moen

April 15
day 22 and decided to crack open some new clothes to wear! WOW! who would have thought fresh pants and a T could have such a impact!
-- David de Rothschild

I hate sailing.
-- Vern Moen

April 11
... this week the focus is on sea life! so far we haven't seen a great deal

... lost late watch dare game with Dave and Vern - eat a saucer of coffee beans Video before end of watch! OMG! who knew cheeks could sweat so much.
-- David de Rothschild

Wow, thought it was a sea bound UFO, but no a 190 METER cargo ship passed less than .5m from us in the dark night
-- Jo Royle

April 9
... the Plastiki is holding her own with the waves, flexing and moving nicely, she seems to love it out here as much as we do! making ground!!
-- David de Rothschild

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March 30
... nice 4 hours sleep , now working on logistics for our first stop even if it is weeks away! the sun is play hide and seek with the clouds!
-- David de Rothschild

March 29
... light winds and rolly seas. Just working out how to get water, propane and crew to Fanning Atoll.
-- Jo Royle

March 28
... feeling the heat been stuck in cabin so I can get data off the Plastiki, watch out for some nice snaps of life on board!
-- David de Rothschild

... a very sunny Sunday!! Lots of little jobs around the Plastiki to be worked on! she needs lots of love and care! but don't we all?
-- David de Rothschild

... hooked up the wind monitor 2 the tiller so the wind is now the real captain! 3 cups of T needed to keep me going for this watch! very quiet!
-- David de Rothschild

March 27
... big spring clean, where do all the hairs come from, ooooo
-- Jo Royle

... saw a plane tonight, aside from floating plastic, the first sign of other people in this world since we left.
-- Jo Royle

The Plastiki has had some visitors today -- a pod of dolphins...some of the first marine life the crew have spotted!
-- Plastiki team

Day7 Hot and sunny 10kn wind 4kn speed. Monitor wind-vain working a treat."happy days"
-- David Thomson

March 26
... what to make for dinner with shriveling carrots and hairy green beans
-- Jo Royle

March 25
Hi all Day 5 spinnaker up doing 6-7 knots ye-ha. All on board are in good form and the temp is warming up.
-- David Thomson