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Quizzing the crew: Olav Heyerdahl

"Mutiny on the Bounty" will sustain Olav on the voyage.
"Mutiny on the Bounty" will sustain Olav on the voyage.
  • Olav Heyerdahl will be taking "Mutiny on the Bounty" with him on the voyage
  • Will miss his girlfriend and son while away
  • Prepared for the journey by visualizing a long period of isolation

(CNN) -- Scuba diver and grandson of Thor Heyerdahl, Olav will be sailing with the Plastiki on the first leg of its voyage. While reading Norwegian crime thrillers during downtime on the journey, he'll be hoping the Plastiki's message will be heard by as many people as possible. Read his answers to our questions, below.

CNN: Who inspires you?

Heyerdahl: Positive people with positive energy.

CNN: What's your biggest hope for the expedition?

Heyerdahl: To make as many people as possible aware of all the garbage floating around in our oceans. And that Plastiki will make a difference.

CNN: At what point would you define the Plastiki a success?

Heyerdahl: It's already a success with all the press coverage. It's all about getting the message out there.

CNN: What is your favorite sea creature?

Heyerdahl: Whale shark.

CNN: When is the last time you personally used a plastic bottle?

Heyerdahl: About 4 weeks ago. I made sure it got recycled.

CNN: What do you most value about nature?

Heyerdahl: Freedom.

CNN: Name 3 books you will bring with you on the expedition.

Heyerdahl: "Mutiny of Bounty" and two books by the Norwegian author Jo Nesbo.

CNN: What's your favorite adventure film / book?

Heyerdahl: Avatar.

CNN: What's your green motto?

Heyerdahl: Use recycle bins!

CNN: What's the most important thing you've done to prepare for life at sea?

Heyerdahl: Visualized a long period of isolation.

CNN: What's the main emotion you're feeling right now days before the launch?

Heyerdahl: It would be nice to have my girlfriend and my son with me.