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Quizzing the crew: Josian Heyerdahl

Josian Heyerdahl: Ready for storms and sea dragons.
Josian Heyerdahl: Ready for storms and sea dragons.
  • Josian Heyerdahl will join the Plastiki during the voyage
  • Apprehensive about sailing in stormy weather, but excited by the adventure
  • The 26-year-old is inspired by her grandfather, Thor Heyerdahl

(CNN) -- Granddaughter of Thor Heyerdahl, Josian will join the Plastiki during the voyage. The 26-year-old scientist thinks she will miss a hot shower while aboard but is thrilled by the prospect of the unknown on the adventure. Read her answers to our questionnaire, below.

CNN: What did you want to be when you were young?

Heyerdahl: Biologist and theatre costume designer.

CNN: What's the one characteristic that has led you to where you are today?

Heyerdahl: Curiosity

CNN: Who inspires you?

Heyerdahl: Sylvia Earle, my grandfather Thor Heyerdahl and grandmother Liv Rockefeller

CNN: What's the most important lesson you've learned about yourself from the Plastiki project?

Heyerdahl: Believe in dreams.

CNN: What's your biggest hope for the expedition?

Heyerdahl: To have exciting sightings of the marine life that I hope to be a part of saving.

CNN: At what point would you define the Plastiki a success?

Heyerdahl: The Plastiki is a journey of exploration and storytelling. The continual spread of the Plastiki's message about using waste as a resource and the problem of plastic ocean pollution will be its success.

CNN: What is your favorite sea creature?

Heyerdahl: Sea dragon and manta ray.

CNN: When is the last time you personally used a plastic bottle?

Heyerdahl: I can't remember.

CNN: What do you most value about nature?

Heyerdahl: Symbiotic relationships, speciation and adaptation for survival.

CNN: What's the one creature comfort you'll miss most when you're at sea?

Heyerdahl: Hot, fresh water shower.

CNN: Name three books you will bring with you on the expedition.

Heyerdahl: Not sure yet, I will have to tell you just before I leave.

CNN: If you had to choose a theme song for the expedition, what would it be?

Heyerdahl: "Love like a Sunset" by Phoenix.

CNN: What's your favorite adventure film / book?

Heyerdahl: Alice in Wonderland.

CNN: What's your green motto?

Heyerdahl: The planet's resources are finite.

CNN: What's the main emotion you're feeling right now days before the launch?

Heyerdahl: Excitement for the unknown.

CNN: What's your biggest fear for the expedition?

Heyerdahl: Getting caught in a storm and what that will be like.

CNN: What's the first thing you'll do when you reach Sydney?

Heyerdahl: Kiss the ground and drink champagne!