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Beckham has 'no interest' in England job

David Beckham was involved with England during the World Cup but says he doesn't want to become coach of the national side.
David Beckham was involved with England during the World Cup but says he doesn't want to become coach of the national side.
  • David Beckham says he has no interest in becoming England coach
  • Beckham says he is not thinking of going into management after his playing career ends
  • Ex-England captain says players must take the blame for poor display at World Cup
  • Beckham was part of coach Fabio Capello's staff at the World Cup

(CNN) -- David Beckham insists he has no interest in becoming England coach and has laid the blame for the country's World Cup failure squarely at the door of the players.

The former England captain traveled to the tournament as part of coach Fabio Capello's staff and was seen on the training pitch and delivering instructions on the touchline during matches.

Beckham, who plays for Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS, could not prevent England from a miserable tournament, as they labored through the group stages before Germany thrashed them 4-1 in the second round.

There had been calls for Beckham to take over from Capello after the Italian's position was thrown into doubt by the Football Association. But now the FA has confirmed Capello will be in charge until 2012.

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The 35-year-old, speaking at a web chat with Yahoo, said: "I must admit it's something I've never been interested in. It's not a passion of mine to be a manager of a football team.

"I'm passionate about the game and being there and obviously I was wearing the suit so people have looked and thought I could be going into that.

"But coaching a team, being a manager, at this point in my career I don't want to do that and in the future I don't think that will happen either."

England won just one of their four matches at the World Cup, scoring only three goals, but the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star says Capello prepared the team as best he could.

"[Capello] did everything that he could have done," said Beckham. "He prepared us right. He worked the players to the right amount and he set everything up for the players, but obviously the players know it was disappointing.

"We didn't perform and as players you know that - you know when you don't perform, you know when you don't play well.

"The manager can do so much and then it's down to the players. The players go on to the pitch and they know if they don't perform they don't win games.

Coaching a team, being a manager, at this point in my career I don't want to do that.
--David Beckham

"The players are honest about that but it's not about individuals, it's not about how individuals play - it's about how we played as a team. It's a cliche but you win as a team and you lose as a team.

"You have to take the good days and enjoy those, and the bad days you learn from and the team will do that because we've got a lot of young players."

Beckham was ruled out of the World Cup in a playing capacity due to an ankle injury but he was seen kicking a ball during England training, as he continues his rehabilitation.

There had been fears he would miss the entire MLS season -- which ends in November -- but now Beckham says he aims to be back in action before the end of September.

"When I had the surgery, the surgeon gave me a schedule," he said. "I've got a week now before it's four months and then I'm allowed to run, but I've been running for the last ten days. I'm ahead of schedule, it's going well. I should be back in a month-and-a-half."

Beckham also admitted it was unlikely he would be heading to Europe on loan in the New Year, as he has done with Italian club AC Milan the previous two seasons.

He added: "I don't think it will happen to be honest, because this injury came [as a result] of me pushing it too hard for the last two years - going to AC Milan when I could have had a few months' rest.

"But I did it for a reason, I did it to be part of the England team and part of the World Cup. I would do it over and over again. But this time around, when the season ends in LA, I'm going to have to take a rest and get myself fit."