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'Pitiful, ridiculous, shameful': French media reacts to team's exit

By Stephanie Busari, CNN
Djibril Cisse and Abou Diaby stand forlorn during France's defeat against South Africa that dumped them out of the World Cup.
Djibril Cisse and Abou Diaby stand forlorn during France's defeat against South Africa that dumped them out of the World Cup.
  • French newspapers react to team crashing out of World Cup
  • Pitiful, ridiculous, shameful," screamed the headline on Le Parisien
  • Most of the papers hold coach Raymond Domenech responsible for exit

(CNN) -- Reaction in French media to the national team crashing out of the World Cup has been unstintingly scathing on the players and embattled coach Raymond Domenech.

Among the worst critic was Le Parisien newspaper, which described the team as: "Pitiful, ridiculous, shameful." "It's hard to find the words to describe the French team in this World Cup," a leader in the paper said.

It added there was a long list of people responsible for the "fiasco," but coach Raymond Domenech topped the list.

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"Raymond Domenech... with his incoherent selections, inability to mould a group and publicity skills that make him one of the most unpopular men in the country... Laurent Blanc will arrive in a few days on to a field of ruins. What a waste," the paper wrote.

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For L'Equipe, the end came as a relief: "That's it. The French team turned a page Tuesday night, and truth be told, we were rather in a hurry to open another chapter," France leading sport's newspaper said.

"Domenech's era ended on a field of ruins, topped off with another humiliation, this time, a defeat by a team classed 83rd in the world by FIFA. By their own fault, the French team, has not only exited the World Cup by the back door, but it has become the laughing stock of the world," L'Equipe added.

French football ends in a field of ruins screamed the headline on evening newspaper Le France Soir.

"We thought they had reached the very depths, but we were wrong," the paper said."Swept away by Bafana, Bafana, the Blues didn't even have the spurt of pride hoped for." "Quick. Go away," the paper urged the team.

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