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Security guards strike at World Cup matches in South Africa

By the CNN Wire Staff
A police officer fires tear gas at protesting workers near the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban on June 14.
A police officer fires tear gas at protesting workers near the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban on June 14.
  • Security guards are protesting their pay outside some World Cup stadiums
  • Guards handle tickets, slowed down start of Italy-Paraguay match
  • Local police brought in stadium in Cape Town to handle security
  • World Cup organizers say it is wrong for workers to disrupt match-day proceedings
  • FIFA World Cup
  • South Africa
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  • Soccer

Johannesburg, South Africa (CNN) -- More than 100 security guards have been protesting outside some of the World Cup stadiums this week in South Africa, calling on soccer's world governing body FIFA to upgrade their pay.

Along with dealing with security, the guards handle tickets -- so a strike delayed the start of Monday's match between world champions Italy and Paraguay in Cape Town.

Local police had to be brought in to the stadium to handle security.

Protesters were out again Tuesday outside of Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.

Protesters sang and dance, some holding placards that read: "We want our money and then we will feel it."

The strikes have been frowned upon by tournament organizers, but FIFA did not immediately respond for a request for comment.

"Although we have respect for workers' rights, we find it unacceptable for them to disrupt match-day proceedings and will not hesitate to take action in such instances," Danny Jordaan, the CEO of South Africa's World Cup organizing committee told South Africa's news agency News 24.

CNN's Robyn Curnow contributed to this report.

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