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England vs United States: Lego style

By George Webster for CNN
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U.S. vs. England, Lego style
  • A German Lego enthusiast has recreated World Cup games using the iconic plastic figures
  • His version of England vs U.S. shows goalkeeper Robert Green's despair at slip-up
  • Other re-enactments include the opening match between South Africa and Mexico

London, England (CNN) -- Forget high definition and 3-D glasses, or huge open-air screenings in the park, the best way to watch the World Cup is in glorious "Legovision."

A German Lego enthusiast with a keen eye for detail has immortalized last Saturday's game between England and the United States -- which resulted in a surprising 1-1 draw -- in a stop-frame animation starring everybody's favorite little brick men.

Condensed down to just one-and-a-half minutes of highlights, there may be some who find the impossibly cute re-enactment more thrilling than the real thing.

And could there be a better representation of the England team's stiff upper lip than in the painted smiles of their Lego counterparts? Although Lego Steven Gerrard's opening goal looks ever so slightly more robotic this time around, the joy on his miniature Lego face feels every bit as true.

But the emotional climax is surely in Lego England keeper Robert Green's heartbreaking reaction when he lets Lego Clint Dempsey's dribbler slip past him into the back of the net.

Having fished the ball out again, Lego Green crumbles on his back in an unmistakably human moment of despair. Several multi-angle, slow-motion replays will do nothing to appease the England goalie's conscience over the now notorious blunder.

Check out more World Cup games featuring the yellow figurines on the creator's Web site,

As well as a celebratory portrayal of the opening match between South Africa and Mexico -- replete with vuvuzelas and a mini 30-second trailer -- soccer aficionados can watch a brick-by-brick portrayal of the 1966 World Cup final between England and West Germany which is shot, fittingly, in black and white.

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