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Shoot a penalty kick -- blindfolded -- to win a prize

By Melissa Gray, CNN
  • London 2012 Paralympic Games launch a competition to mark two years to go
  • People should try to score a soccer penalty kick while blindfolded
  • The best video or picture wins an Olympic shopping spree

London, England (CNN) -- Put on a blindfold, kick a ball, and you could win a $310 Olympic shopping spree.

To mark two years to go until the 2012 London Paralympic Games, organizers have launched a competition for the best picture or video of someone shooting a soccer penalty kick while blindfolded.

"It's to raise awareness of everybody across the country of blind football and also to get people involved and excited about the upcoming Games," said Paul Woodmansey, a spokesman for London 2012.

You don't even have to get the ball in the goal to win the prize, which is 200 pounds ($310) to spend in the London 2012 shop.

"They just have to try to shoot it," Woodmansey said.

There will be two versions of Paralympic football at the London Games -- 5-a-side, which is played by visually impaired athletes, and 7-a-side, played by athletes with cerebral palsy.

Sunday is the start of the two-year countdown to the Paralympics, which begin roughly two weeks after the Olympics end.

Those who want to find out more about the competition can visit the London 2012 mascots page at