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Yankees pay tribute to Steinbrenner, announcer

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Yankees remember owner George M. Steinbrenner III and announcer Bob Sheppard
  • Playing of taps follows moment of silence
  • Public address system remains silent throughout game
  • Two long-stem red roses placed on Yankee Stadium's home plate

(CNN) -- Pitcher Mariano Rivera placed two red roses on Yankee Stadium's home plate during Friday night's remembrance of owner George M. Steinbrenner III and longtime announcer Bob Sheppard.

Flags were at half-staff as the organization held a moment of silence and played a video tribute to Steinbrenner before the scheduled game against the Tampa Bay Rays. A bugler played taps following the moment of silence.

"Both men ... cared deeply about their responsibilities to this organization and to our fans," shortstop Derek Jeter said. "They both left this organization in a much better place than when they first arrived."

The Yankees kept the public address system silent during the game Friday as a tribute to Sheppard, who called games for 57 years. Wreaths were placed in front of Steinbrenner's statue and at a plaque for Sheppard in Monument Park.

Steinbrenner, 80, died Tuesday of a heart attack. Sheppard was 99 when he died Sunday. More ceremonies were planned for Saturday.

Under Steinbrenner's guidance, the Yankees earned seven World Series trophies. He was the longest-tenured owner in Major League Baseball, having served as principal owner since purchasing the club on January 3, 1973.

"Owning the Yankees," Steinbrenner once said, according to, "is like owning the Mona Lisa."

The Yankees won the game 5-4 with a ninth-inning rally.