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Gallery: 2010's top celebrity fashion trends

  • Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary-Kate Olsen and Kelly Ripa wear Silly Bandz
  • Zoe Saldana said goodbye to the avant-garde, instead favoring clean lines and refined tones
  • Faux-fur vests like Kim Kardashian's are animal- and closet-friendly

( -- What was your favorite trend of 2010? Did you slip into a slim-fitting pair of tailored trousers, like Drew Barrymore? Did you pair your coziest socks with your sexiest heels, like Leighton Meester? Or maybe you took your short shorts from the gym to the office, like Gwyneth Paltrow. We've scoured the red carpets to round up the best fads of the year. Click through our gallery to see which celebrities jumped on the trend wagon -- and which styles you were savvy enough to rock yourself!

Evening shorts

Shorts are finally getting respect outside the park -- at the office, at dinner, and even on the red carpet, seen on the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Connelly. Flaunt it if you've got it, ladies!

Silly Bandz

Grade-schoolers started the fad, but now stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Kelly Ripa sport 'em. Stacked on a wrist, Silly Bandz look like the usual rubber circlets you wrap around a ponytail. Slip 'em off, though, and a menagerie appears.

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Socks and heels

Be careful whose style you mock. Nerds could be harbingers of future fashion. Remember snickering at those who wore sandals with athletic hose, or short boots with rolled-down stockings? Better put a sock in it now, or rather you may wind up putting one on with your stacked heel like Leighton Meester.

Mixed prints

It's tricky and potentially disastrous, but when the right patterns go with the correct proportion, the results are electrifying. See: Olivia Palermo. How to shop like a fashion editor

Ladylike dresses

Bye, bye boyfriend blazer! Stars like Carey Mulligan embraced full-skirts and cinched waists -- not slouchy, super-sized menswear.


There's no equivocating about this option. Jeggings -- jeans that fit as close as leggings -- is a contraction that provokes either relishing or recoiling. Everyone in Hollywood from Sienna Miller to Lauren Conrad has been seen sporting the look. Is the next wave paint-on denim? Find your most flattering jeans

Tailored trousers

Remember real pants? Not leggings, harems, dhotis, skinnies, cargos, boot-cuts or overalls, but tailored, comfortable, great-to-stride-in trousers? Drew Barrymore did -- and she looks wonderfully pulled together in them! Buy now and hoard them in case they vanish again.


Celebrities like Zoe Saldana said goodbye to the avant-garde, instead favoring clean lines and refined tones. More celebrity fashion finds

Layered chains

Multiple chains, as seen on Molly Sims, are a subtle evolution from the statement necklace. They offer more variety while providing the same impact.

Faux-fur vest

Minx or fox, they're not: Faux-fur vests like Kim Kardashian's are animal- and closet-friendly -- they're suitable toppers for almost anything.

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