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Nancy Grace: Mass removed by surgery not malignant

By Philip Rosenbaum, Nancy Grace Producer
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Nancy Grace announces she had secret surgery
  • An ultrasound test discovered the growth, Grace says
  • "It seemed like the world just stopped"
  • The mass, removed in surgery, proved to be non-malignant, Grace said Monday by phone
  • She hopes to return to work next week

(CNN) -- HLN's Nancy Grace announced on her program Monday night that she had surgery to remove a solid mass that doctors had feared could be cancer.

The operation last Tuesday, which Grace said took "hours and hours,'' revealed that the mass was not malignant, she said.

Speaking by phone to substitute host Jean Casarez of In Session, Grace said she is recovering at home with her husband, David, and their 3-year-old twins, John David and Lucy Elizabeth.

A nurse administering an ultrasound test to Grace during a routine gynecologist visit discovered the growth, Grace said.

Grace had felt no symptoms and scheduled the appointment based on "a hunch,'' she said.

During the ultrasound, the nurse called in the doctor who looked at the results and said he wanted to speak to Grace in his office.

"He was very calm and very honest and he told me they had discovered a mass,'' Grace said.

When the doctor said it could be cancer, Grace described it as "that moment you see in movies and you hear about that always happens to somebody else but not to you."

Surgery was scheduled for a few days later at Northside Hospital in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

"It seemed like the world just stopped because you know when you wait a long time for always just feels like it could be taken away,'' she said, referring to her marriage and the birth of her children.

"I think what bothered me most was thinking about watching the twins on the other side of life and seeing them grow up without a mother,'' Grace said.

"And I think about it so many times on our show because we have stories of children who endured so much and don't have anybody to love them."

Saying she was "the lucky one,'' Grace urged women to make appointments for routine exams even if they feel fine.

The former Fulton County, Georgia, prosecutor and Court TV host joined the HLN prime-time lineup in February 2005.

Grace said she hopes to return to work next Monday.