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Russell Brand: Royal wedding is 'some posh people exchanging jewelry'

By Thair Shaikh, CNN
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Russell Brand talks to Larry King
  • "Is he ready? Is he rushed into it, young William?," Russell Brand says of royal nuptials
  • Larry King describes Brand as "truly insane" interviewee
  • Brand has published second installment of memoir "Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal"

(CNN) -- Russell Brand is a newly married man, still joyously in love with pop star Katy Perry.

Now the British movie star, comedian and author has expressed fatherly concern for Prince William as the British royal prepares for his forthcoming nuptials with Kate Middleton.

"Is he ready? Is he rushed into it, young William?" says Brand, who was asked about the royal engagement on CNN's Larry King Live.

"I mean in the end, it's just some posh people exchanging jewelry," added Brand, who married Perry at a tiger sanctuary in India last month.

"I don't know, if it makes people happy, if it makes him happy... I've met some of the royals, the Queen, I've met," he explains.

Russell Brand talks Katy Perry wedding
Russell Brand talks addiction

As someone who is proudly left-of-center, Brand finds it hard to talk seriously about the British monarchy.

He tells King about meeting Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, at a recent charity event in London.

"I kept hold of his [Charles'] hand and didn't let him go... and I heard his wrist click a bit," Brand recalls. "So it went click, click -- a little wrist click, click, click, click, like that. I felt: 'Oh, no, I've made the future king's wrist click'."

King admitted he was fascinated by Brand's personality: "Actors and directors and presidents and kings and different people and awkward people and ordinary people, people in stress, people in unhappiness. But you are the first truly insane person."

Brand was talking to King about the second installment of his memoir "Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal."

I kept hold of his [Prince Charles'] hand... and I heard his wrist click a bit. So it went click, click, click, click. I felt: 'Oh, no, I've made the future king's wrist click'."
--Russell Brand

It features revelations about Perry -- including how she attracted his attention at a party by throwing a bottle at him, as well as how they got engaged and married in a "spiritual," India.

There are also more personal details about Brand's life in the UK before he became famous -- and his past careers as a mailman, working in television sales and selling cartridge refills for photocopiers.

He said of his life with the postal service: "I thought there would be a lot more sex involved. I thought, you know, knocking on people's doors. At that time of the morning, the housewives would be vulnerable, I thought. A case of: 'Do you want an extra delivery?'

"No one picked up on it. It was innuendo-laden. 'Would you like me to stamp that, hmmm? Well, I've got a heavy sack'."

Brand -- who starred in comedies "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Get Him To the Greek" and who voices Dr Nefario in current 'toon blockbuster "Despicable Me" -- has just finished a remake of the 1980s movie Arthur, which originally starred Dudley Moore.

King asked Brand -- a former alcoholic and drug addict -- if it was difficult playing a drunk,

"What I found, Larry, is that I had bottles of booze and I'd smell them all the time to get myself in the mood... I thought: 'Right, this is a tequila scene. So I'd have a smell of tequila or a smell of scotch or whatever'.

"I used to drink a lot of stuff, so I've got a lot of sense memory for being drunk. I spent, I think, 15 years drunk."

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