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Aaron Sorkin on Facebook: 'Not my cup of tea'

By Cody Combs, CNN
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Facebook movie: fact or fiction?
  • Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay for "The Social Network"
  • He says social networking sites such as Facebook are "not my cup of tea"

(CNN) -- If you want to "friend" screenwriter Aaron Sorkin after seeing his movie about Facebook, you'll have to have to wait indefinitely. In an interview with CNN's Howard Kurtz of "Reliable Sources," Sorkin admitted that despite the movie taking up two years of his life, he remains indifferent to the social networking website.

"It's not my cup of tea but there are a lot of things that aren't my cup of tea that the world likes," said Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay for "The Social Network."

"I don't like soccer, but it's the most popular sport in the world."

Sorkin also addressed mounting criticism that the movie portrays women as sex objects or groupies.

"I was writing about a very specific group of people who are misogynistic, who do see women as ... enemies," Sorkin said. "They're angry because the cheerleader still wants to date the quarterback, not them, the cheerleader doesn't understand they're the ones that are running the universe right now."

As for the movie's less than flattering portrayal of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Sorkin said that he found great respect and admiration for Zuckerberg through the process of writing.

"I find the parts of him that are like me," Sorkin said. "What I found is that I'm shy and awkward in social situations, like a lot of people I felt like I'm on the outside looking in...that I haven't been invited to the cool kids table."

Zuckerberg addressed the movie's portrayal of him during a recent appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"It's a movie, it's fun, a lot of it is fiction," he said. "They're trying to build a good story... this is my life, I know it's not that dramatic."