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'Real Housewives" escort prompts investigation by U.S. Park Police

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Escorts by Park Police require a special permit
  • Park Police investigate incident depicted on "Real Housewives" episode
  • Salahis are known as "White House crashers" after attending state dinner uninvited

Washington (CNN) -- The U.S. Park Police have launched an investigation into whether any of its officers broke department regulations by providing an escort to the stars of reality TV show "The Real Housewives of D.C." a spokesman said.

Park Police do help film crews that get a special permit, but "we have not found any indication that a permit was used in this instance," Sgt. David Schlosser told CNN affiliate WUSA. "If, in fact, we find that the use of this vehicle is outside the parameters then discipline will be taken."

The probe began a day after a publicist for the reality show's production company said a Washington D.C. Metropolitan police car was incorrectly edited into a clip of the show.

Last week's episode of the reality TV show showed reality stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi getting a police escort for their limousine to attend a party.

The Salahis grabbed headlines as "White House crashers" after attending President Barack Obama's first state dinner without an invitation in November.

The party shown in the latest episode took place the evening of October 13 at The Park at Fourteenth, six weeks before the White House event.

"Half Yard Productions reviewed all of the footage from the party in question and the police escort for the Salahi's limo was a Park Police escort," Bronagh Hanley, a publicist for Half Yard, said in an email to CNN Sunday. "The MPD [Metropolitan Police Department] car featured in the episode was not the escort car and was edited into the shot incorrectly."

Lisa Bloom, the Salahis' lawyer, concurred that Metropolitan police were not involved in escorting her clients, but didn't know if there was an escort provided by Park Police.

District police spokesman Lt. Nicholas Breul told CNN Saturday that they were alerted to the episode by a reporter who saw the reality show on TV.

CNN's David Desola contributed to this report.