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Ideas for future 'Harry Potter' books

By Catherine Strawn, The Frisky
J.K. Rowling can rest easy, The Frisky is offering plot ideas for the next "Harry Potter" novel.
J.K. Rowling can rest easy, The Frisky is offering plot ideas for the next "Harry Potter" novel.
  • While reading at the White House, J.K. Rowling shared that she may do another "Potter" book
  • The Frisky felt inclined to give her a head start by assisting her with potential plots
  • The offer scenarios ranging from Harry at age 47, to Harry turning rogue as the villian
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(The Frisky) -- J.K. Rowling celebrated Easter at the White House, reading to some kids and answering questions about the future of "Harry Potter". According to the The Washington Post, Rowling said she doesn't have explicit plans to write another "Harry Potter" tome, but she certainly hasn't ruled out the idea. "Maybe 10 years from now," she said. Eee! Even this possibility, no matter how slim, got us excited about the prospect of another book about the gang from Hogwarts. To help Rowling get started writing, we came up with some ideas for her next novel.

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1. Mid-life crisis Harry Potter

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" ended with a look to the future. Rowling could extend this with a tome about Harry Potter going through a mid-life crisis. Everyone deals with issues when they reach middle age, and our favorite wizard is no different. Should he have gotten with Hermione? Is it OK to fix his thinning hair with a flick of his wand? Learn about Harry's struggles at age 47 in "Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis."

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2. Adventures of Dobby, the house-elf

I don't know about you, but I was always obsessed with Dobby, the house-elf. He was such an interesting and endearing character, and while Rowling explained much about him and other elves in the series, we could know more, especially because they see much but say so little. Find out previously undisclosed information about Hogwarts in "Dobby Tells All: The Shocking Secrets One House-Elf Learned While Serving Top Wizards."

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3. Harry Potter quits Hogwarts

With He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named out of the picture, the wizarding world must be pretty boring these days. Luckily there's a new, young upstart who wants to carry the Lord Voldemort flame. This new series follows the villainous version of Harry from the moment he learns he'll be attending Hogwarts to his teens, when he decides to drop out of school to pursue evil full-time. Can he succeed where Voldemort failed? Can an elderly Harry battle this young blood, or will a Hogwarts hotshot --- Harry's kid? --- take over?

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