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The 10 wackiest Conan O'Brien interviews ever

By Kate Torgovnick, The Frisky
Conan pulled out a dictionary during an interview with Jennifer Garner after she scolded him, saying that "snuck" isn't a word.
Conan pulled out a dictionary during an interview with Jennifer Garner after she scolded him, saying that "snuck" isn't a word.
  • Halle Berry once went barefoot on the show because she left her shoes on set with Regis
  • Will Ferrell wished Conan a happy birthday with booty shorts and a Leprechaun dance
  • O'Brien's new series, "Conan," premieres on TBS at 11 p.m. (EST) Monday

(The Frisky) -- We at The Frisky have always been on Team Coco. Sure, Jay Leno gives a decent monologue and David Letterman's "Late Show" is where celebrities go to unleash their inner crazy, but Conan O'Brien? He relies on good writing and quick wit to pull hilariousness from his celebrity guests.

Tonight, Conan returns to the late night game for the first time since being rudely booted from "The Tonight Show." His new series, "Conan," premieres on TBS at 11 p.m. (EST). To celebrate this exciting event, we've rounded up Conan's 10 craziest celebrity interviews from over the years.

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1. Conan's on-air concussion from chasing a hot babe

During his brief stint at "The Tonight Show," Conan O'Brien had on avid runner Teri Hatcher as a guest. The two raced, and as Conan darted for the finish line he slipped, fell, and got a concussion. Oops. But don't worry -- he was back to joke about it the next night.

2. Martha Stewart partied hard on Conan

One of my favorite Conan memories ever: when Martha Stewart visited the show and brought burritos from Taco Bell and Olde English 40-oz. beers.

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3. Coco's gaga for Gonzo

American "Beat Generation" novelist, essayist and spoken word performer Hunter S. Thompson and Conan O'Brien had a special bond. The famously reclusive author did several interviews with Conan before he passed away -- including one where he had Conan to his farm to drink whiskey and fire guns, in that order. Cursing and shooting stuffed gorilla bears: classic.

4. Jennifer Garner was checked by Conan

Jennifer Garner got a little snippy with Conan during an interview, scolding him that "'Snuck' isn't a word. You went to Harvard, you should know that." So it was pretty funny when Conan pulled out a dictionary on the spot and turned out to be right. Burn.

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5. Tom Hanks shows his funny side

Way back in 2000, Tom Hanks visited Conan's show before Christmas and Conan tried to get him into the holiday spirit by dumping a huge amount of snow on him. Then Conan gave Tom his very own special Christmas present: the skeleton of Tom's former co-star [dog] Hooch!

When Conan took over "The Tonight Show" in 2009, Tom returned and made another memorable appearance where he talked about his love of meteor showers, and then Conan cued a giant meteor that knocked Tom out of his seat backwards and made his shoe fly off.

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6. Sarah Palin faces off with William Shatner

When William Shatner did a dramatic, beat-poetry reading of Sarah Palin's resignation speech for Conan, the world was entranced. So Conan invited Shatner back to read excerpts of Sarah's book, "Going Rogue," when it was released. Only at the end, Sarah herself appeared and did a dramatic reading from Shatner's biography, "Up Till Now."

7. Conan and guest get (almost) naked

In 2002, Conan interviewed the happiest man in the world, Roberto Benigni, who won the Oscar for his performance in "Life Is Beautiful" but was on Conan to promote "Pinocchio." While their conversation was almost incomprehensible, during the interview, the Italian actor and Conan decided to trade pants -- with hilarious results that revealed whether Conan is a boxer or briefs man.

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8. Halle Berry confesses she was seeing another man

Halle Berry once went barefoot when she appeared on Conan's guest chair. Why? Because she left her shoes on set with Regis earlier in the day. Conan was sad to hear he was not her "first" that day.

9. The gruesome threesome

Conan got into a mega-beef with Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart during the 2008 election over who had given the bigger boost to Republican and Fox News Channel talk show host Mike Huckabee. When the two Comedy Central TV hosts visited "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" together the result was an extended on-air TV fight that included "West Side Story"-style snapping, dance montages and mud- and gun-slinging.

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10. Funnyman Will Ferrell out-funnies Conan

Last but not least, it was good times when Will Ferrell wished Conan a happy birthday on "Late Night," complete with a fake fart, green booty shorts and a Leprechaun dance? Yep, that seems appropriate.

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