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10 reality TV quitters

By Kate Torgovnick, The Frisky
Ali Fedotowsky leaving Jake on "The Bachelor" was the first time a rose ceremony wasn't necessary.
Ali Fedotowsky leaving Jake on "The Bachelor" was the first time a rose ceremony wasn't necessary.
  • Seth Caro and Malika Ameen left "Top Chef: Just Desserts" this week
  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt left "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" three times
  • Cassandra Whitehead left "America's Next Top Model" instead of getting a haircut

(The Frisky) -- As a reality TV fiend, I assumed that "Top Chef: Just Desserts" was going to be totally vanilla. Oh, how wrong I was.

Throughout the season, pastry chef Seth Caro has had some serious drama with assorted meltdowns and crocodile tears brought on by such tragedies as the fact that there were no more grapefruits in the kitchen.

But this week's episode was beyond. Seth got so worked up after being told he couldn't make ice cream from scratch during a "Quickfire" challenge that he had a full-blown panic attack, saying he was leaving and screaming at the producers.

He was carted off in an ambulance. And so, he was forced to drop out of the competition.

But he wasn't the only one to go this week. Contestant Malika Ameen also decided to go home voluntarily, interrupting a judge to say, "I would, perhaps, like to ask to be eliminated today."

Over the years, many people have quit reality TV shows in the middle of shooting. In honor of Seth and Malika, we rounded up 10 other reality TV dropouts:

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1. Ali dumped "The Bachelor"

One minute Ali Fedotowsky was rolling around with Jake Pavelka in a pile of leaves on her hometown date on "The Bachelor." The next minute, she was knocking on his door and telling him, "I have the most impossible decision to make right now. I just found out that I have to choose between staying here and going back to work."

After a discussion and a bunch of tears, Ali decided to leave the show. It was the first time on "The Bachelor" where a rose ceremony wasn't necessary.

2. Frank said "no thanks" to "The Bachelorette"

A season later, Frank Neuschaefer closed the karmic loop. He was one of Ali's three finalists on "The Bachelorette," but realized he still had feelings for an ex-girlfriend, Nicole.

He dumped Ali in Tahiti and left the show. I thought for a second maybe he was pulling an Ed -- by leaving the show and coming back, you can virtually guarantee a dating show win -- but, alas, he never looked back.

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3. "Speidi" escaped the jungle

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt left "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" three times. First, they had a freak-out when they learned they'd have to take a turn cleaning their group's Port-O-Potty.

Spencer said, "I'm too rich and I'm too famous to be sitting with these people and cleaning up their s**t in the jungle, my man. And this cast is devaluing our fame right now. I'm sitting next to VH1 comedians that I have never even seen before ... I thought it was gonna be all celebrities."

They returned the next morning, when Spencer freaked out again. They returned once again but when Heidi got a stomach illness, they finally left for good.

4. Model was scared off by scissors

Every season of "America's Next Top Model," there's a girl who is horrified when her hair is cut off during makeovers. But pageant queen Cassandra Whitehead took the cake in cycle eight.

When the judges weren't pleased with her haircut and wanted to make it more like Mia Farrow's in "Rosemary's Baby," she decided to leave the show rather than let them near her with a pair of scissors again.

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5. Real Housewife left New Jersey

Dina Manzo left "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" because she was over having to interact with Danielle Staub.

"I would say 99.9 percent is because of Danielle, but the other .1 percent was drama created by her," Dina explained. Guess she was scared that Danielle was actually going to make a skin suit out of her?

6. American Idol skipped the finals

Midway through season four of "American Idol," fans voted Mario Vazquez right behind Carrie Underwood as their favorite to win. But he dropped out of the competition.

"I know I disappointed many fans, but it's all for the best, it really is," he said. "It was a very, very hard decision, just thinking about everyone in the competition, who are my friends first, before competitors. It was a lot to think about, but my intuition told me I need to focus on personal things in my life."

Many speculate that Mario thought he could be a superstar without "Idol." He did get an album. But he is no Carrie Underwood.

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7. Designer walked way from "Project Runway"

Maya Luz was my favorite contestant on season 7 of "Project Runway" with her cool bangs and awesome designs. So when she quit the show saying she wasn't ready for Bryant Park, I was baffled.

She explained, "At the time I'd just graduated from school. I want to work for other designers. I want to maybe get my Master's. Just gain more experience, because when you're coming up with a collection, it needs to be totally representative of what I am. I just wasn't feeling like I was really ready to do it yet. I still stand by my decision."

8. Puck was ushered off "The Real World"

In its 24 seasons -- and by the way, how is that possible? -- "The Real World" has had about a zillion quitters, starting with Irene who left the show to get hitched in season two.

The one we'll always remember the best: Puck, the nasty, foul-mouthed, snot-spitting bike messenger from season three. The housemates had to choose between him and AIDS activist Pedro Zamora. Guess who they picked?

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9. Quit "Survivor" for a good cause

"Survivor" has had its share of quitters over the years, too -- not that I understand why anyone would ever opt to stay on the show.

Swimsuit model Jenna Morasca surprised us all in 2003 when she became the youngest winner of the show. A year later, she returned for "Survivor: All Stars."

Midway through, she walked out the door to spend time with her mom who was battling cancer. She became the first woman to quit the show, though we certainly get why.

10. London left "Daisy"

"Daisy of Love" may not have been the most popular reality TV shows of all time, but it is certainly one of the trashiest.

On the show, Daisy quickly fell hard for brooding rocker London. He left, protesting the fact that the show seemed so fake. But -- surprise! -- he returned and in the end won Daisy's love.

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