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Taylor Swift forgives Kanye West with a song

By Alan Duke, CNN
Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at last year's MTV Video Music Awards.
Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at last year's MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Taylor Swift sings forgiveness for Kanye West
  • Swift wrote the song about her feelings toward West
  • Kanye West is set to perform at this year's VMA show
  • West suffered backlash for his antics at last year's show

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- An unscripted, shocking moment during last year's MTV Video Music awards dominated Sunday night's show, with Kanye West and Taylor Swift putting their feelings to music.

Taylor Swift sang a ballad of forgiveness for West -- the rapper who interrupted her acceptance speech at last year's show, while West's song seemed to acknowledge his reputation as a jerk.

"Who you are is not what you did," Swift sang. "You're still an innocent."

"Let's have a toast for the scumbags," West sang in his hook. Other lines were unprintable because of graphic language.

Swift, who has built a career writing songs about men who have done her wrong, penned her song -- "Innocent" -- earlier this year "about her feelings about last year's VMAs," her representative told CNN.

There was no immediate information from West's representative about his song, which ended the show.

West also was the target of jokes from show host Chelsea Handler. She lampooned by West by giving tips on how to fend off people stealing a spotlight.

Another celeb made fun of her own bad behavior early in the show.

Lindsay Lohan, fresh out of jail and rehab, appeared in a backstage skit with Handler, who was wearing an alcohol-detection bracelet like the one Lohan recently wore.

"Wake up, Handler, pull it together," Lohan said as she slammed Handler against a wall. "You're a menace. Do you think anyone will work with a drunk? Take it from me, they don't."

Handler made her first stage entrance wearing a model of a house on her head, a joke aimed at Lady Gaga, who is known for creative and often bulky costumes.

Gaga won two awards early in the show -- including for best female video and best pop video. Each time she struggled to reach the stage because of her dress, which she explained was "too heavy to walk in."

Eminem, who opened the show in a duet with Rihanna, won for best male video and best pop video. The rapper didn't come on stage to accept because he had already left the building to catch a plane to New York.

"Jersey Shore" cast members provided humor from a hot tub. Handler jumped in the jacuzzi with the four, including Snooki and the Situation.

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber took the stage outside of the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles during the first hour. Usher followed with a song on the main stage. Linkin Park, Drake, Paramore, B.o.B, Florence + The Machine also were on the list of performers.

Last year's show is remembered mostly for what was not planned.

West, who walked the red carpet with a bottle of cognac in his hand, jumped on stage after Swift was announced the winner over Beyonce in one category.

"Taylor, I'm really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time," he said, snatching the microphone from Swift after she had won her award.

Swift stood onstage, speechless, clutching her award. The cameras panned to a shocked Beyonce, while the audience booed and later chanted "Taylor."

Though Beyonce later afforded the teen singer another opportunity to finish her speech, the West backlash had begun.

It cost him his spot on a concert tour with Lady Gaga.