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Five shows we can't wait for this fall

By Kate Torgovnick, The Frisky
"Ugly Betty's" Becki Newton will star in her own NBC series, "Love Bites," this fall.
"Ugly Betty's" Becki Newton will star in her own NBC series, "Love Bites," this fall.
  • "Ugly Betty's" Becki Newton is getting her own series, "Love Bites"
  • Keri Russell of "Felicity" and "AD" alum Will Arnett will star in "Running Wilde"
  • J.J. Abrams's "Undercovers" sounds like a spin on "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
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  • TV Dramas
  • TV Stars

(The Frisky) -- Does your television take up a high percentage of your living room? Have you ever bailed out on plans to cook dinner to watch an episode of "Lost"? Do you run into situations where your DVR gets overloaded because there are too many shows you want to record?

No, I am not here to chastise you for being a couch potato or to tell you that so much TV-watching is actively decreasing your brain cells. I am here to congratulate you for being a TV head!

For us TV heads, the third week in May rivals the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve for everyone else. It's "upfronts" week!

This week in New York City, the major networks are holding grand events -- think big presentations and musical numbers -- to unveil their fall and winter lineups. NBC and Fox upfronts are Monday. ABC presents on Tuesday. CBS is Wednesday. And The CW takes their turn on Thursday.

For advertisers, this is how they decide when and where they would like to run commercials. For the press, it's time to get the lowdown on what's coming down the boob-tube pipeline. And for TV heads, it's a big old tease since most people won't be able to actually watch any new shows until September. But who cares? It is like being able to see into the television future! Here are five recently revealed greenlit shows that we are especially looking forward to.

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The Show: "Love Bites"
For: Former "Ugly Betty" fans
The Deets: NBC, Thursdays, 10 p.m. (EST)

We were sad when "Ugly Betty" got canceled. Luckily, our favorite part of the show -- the hilarious Becki Newton -- is getting her own series. In "Love Bites," she plays the virginal half of a best friend duo. And while the preview makes me think it retreads well-worn single gal territory, it's written by Cindy Chupack of "Sex and The City," so we are still expecting it to be genius.

The Show: "Undercovers"
For: Former "Alias" fans
The Deets: NBC, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. (EST)

J.J. Abrams is the dude behind two of my favorite 10 shows ever -- "Alias" and "Lost" -- so I'm pretty sure everything he touches turns to TV gold. His latest sounds like a spin on "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" -- it is about a couple who run a catering company but are really retired spies. When a friend goes missing, they snap back into action. The husband of this duo is the ultra hot Boris Kodjoe and the wife is Gubu Mbatha-Raw of "Doctor Who." Enough to make us say Angelina and Brad, who?

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The Show: "Running Wilde"
For: Former "Arrested Development" fans
The Deets: Fox, Tuesdays, 9:30 p.m. (EST)

Oh, how we miss "Arrested Development." Luckily, its creator has this series in the works, starring two of our faves -- Keri Russell of "Felicity" fame and "AD" alum Will Arnett. The concept? Arnett is a nasty oil company big wig. His childhood sweetheart, Keri, is a tree-hugging activist. When they try to make it happen again, well, I dunno what happens. But that's what the series is about.

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The Show: "Friends With Benefits"
For: Former "Friends" or "HIMYM" fans
The Deets: NBC, more info to come

Back in April, there was an epic three-way battle for the title "Friends With Benefits" (with Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher attached to two different film projects with the same name as this anticipated TV show). Well, here is television's official entry to the race. It centers on a pair of best friends who, while playing the dating game, have taken to sleeping together. What makes us so excited about this show? It's written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber of "500 Days of Summer" quirky love story film fame. Oh, and we're always looking for the next "Friends" or "How I Met Your Mother."

The Show: "Franklin and Bash"
For: Former "Saved by the Bell" Zack Morris fanatics
The Deets: TNT, more info to come

What if we told you that Mark-Paul Gosselaar -- who we're still rooting for 15 years after "Saved by the Bell" -- and Breckin Meyer, aka the cute stoner from "Clueless," were teaming up for a comedy about two friends who join a mega law firm? Now, what if we told you that the pilot featured multiple shots of Mark-Paul's posterior? Yes, it's an easy sell.

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