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The next generation of reality TV is all celebrities, all the time

By Ami Angelowicz, The Frisky
A reality show to be Nicole Richie? A Kara DioGuardi show? The Frisky looks into the possible near future of reality TV.
A reality show to be Nicole Richie? A Kara DioGuardi show? The Frisky looks into the possible near future of reality TV.
  • The Frisky looks at the trend of celebs getting their own reality TV shows
  • Rather than having normal people, reality shows have moved to focusing on celebs
  • New show personalities range from Lily Allen to "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi

(The Frisky) -- I thought the whole point of reality TV was for some unknown Joe or Jane Schmo to have their 15 minutes of fame. But it's becoming more and more about celebrities trying to extend or reclaim their 15 minutes. (Hello, Jessica Simpson! And Steven Seagal!) Sure, this can be entertaining from time to time, but usually not in a good way.

Lily Allen will go from singer to store owner

Lily Allen has just announced that she will be retiring as a singer on July 4 to become a clothing designer and she plans to launch her new career by starring in ... you guessed it ... a reality TV show! The untitled documentary-style series will follow her through her career transition as she attempts to open a clothing boutique with her sister called "Lucy In Disguise." Clever. You'd better believe I'll be skipping that one.

Who wants to be the next Nicole Richie?

Everyone wants to become the next Nicole Richie, right? That's why she's creating a reality show where seven girls compete to become her. How exactly would that work? An eating disorder? Babies? A DUI? Heroin addiction? Not feeling it.

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Sarah Palin snags a TV show, natch

It looks like we may be seeing Sarah Palin on the small screen very soon. Rumor has it she's shopping a reality show that she's pitching as "'Planet Earth' meets Alaska meets her family." Sarah and Bristol moose hunting with Trig and Tripp? Yes, please

Watch "The Hoff" (try) to stay sober

David Hasselhoff thinks that the best way to make us forget that he's a lush is to star in a reality TV show. A&E announced it has picked up a new reality series that will follow the former "America's Got Talent" judge as he tries to juggle his career and his personal life as a single dad to two teenage daughters. And his alcohol addiction? Oh wait ... that's "Intervention." This could be interesting.

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Kate plus 8 possible TV scenarios

Everyone's talking about Kate Gosselin's new reality show. Will she do "fish out of water" scenarios or will it be a dating show called "Date Kate"? I'm sure there are literally hundreds of guys lining up to date a woman with eight kids and a very public divorce battle. I think I'd pay good money to see that show. For now we'll just watch her on "Dancing With the Stars."

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"Idol" judge follows in Paula Abdul's footsteps

No wonder "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi wanted Paula Abdul out of there. She was jealous that Paula had a reality show and she didn't. Now she's trying to settle the score. She's shopping a show called "Dropped," which will take "the best acts that have been dropped by their labels and give them a second chance." And we're supposed to watch this in addition to "American Idol"? Eh, depressing.

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