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CNN's Larry King reveals he recently had stent procedure

  • King said he suffered a heart attack in 1987 and underwent a quintuple bypass months later
  • Recent symptoms sent him back to get stenting procedure about a month ago
  • Since the procedure says King, "I can report to the waiting public that I never felt better"

(CNN) -- Minutes after Bill Clinton's doctor divulged that the former president underwent a stenting procedure to restore blood flow through a coronary artery, CNN's Larry King made a similar announcement.

"A month ago, maybe five weeks ago, I had the same procedure at Cedar-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles that Bill Clinton had today," the 76-year-old talk show host told viewers of his program, "Larry King Live."

King noted that he suffered a heart attack in February 1987 and underwent a quintuple bypass five months later. He described his experience with heart disease in his 1989 book, "Mr. King, You're Having a Heart Attack."

Recently, he said Thursday, he began feeling symptoms that turned out to have been related to his heart.

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"I felt some strange feelings in my shoulder, where I had the original heart attack," said King. He said he went to the hospital and underwent the procedure a few days later. Stents are tiny balloons that are threaded into a patient's heart vessels where they are inflated, pushing plaque against the vessel wall and increasing blood flow.

"I did it on a Monday morning, was out on Tuesday and back here on 'Larry King Live' on Tuesday night," King said.

"So I can report to the waiting public that I never felt better. They got it open, they put the stents in. I share a bond with the former president and I feel very good. I only didn't make it public because I just like to keep things private. But I feel terrific," he said.