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Big name guests coming to 'Glee'?

By Ami Angelowicz, The Frisky
The new season of "Glee" may bring more glitz along with it, boasting big names as possible guests.
The new season of "Glee" may bring more glitz along with it, boasting big names as possible guests.
  • "Glee" returns April 13, 2010, and creator Ryan Murphy hinted at some special guests
  • Ryan Murphy has been rumored to be speaking with several big names about appearances
  • Guests include Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Adam Lambert

(The Frisky) -- I'm counting down the days until April 13, 2010, aka the day my new television guilty pleasure "Glee" returns with new episodes.

Will Emma and Will finally get together? What about Rachel and Finn? And what about Quinn and Puck's love child? As if we weren't excited enough already, the little gossip birdies are starting to chirp about possible guest stars for next season. Let's just say that that creator Ryan Murphy has been talking to "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris and sources say he may be breaking out his jazz shoes for a little song and dance, gleek-style. [EW]

Here are some more possible "Glee" guest appearances that we're stoked about.

Jennifer Lopez. Ryan Murphy spilled the beans that he's been having secret meetings with J.Lo. Murphy wants Jenny from the block to appear as a cafeteria lady. I'll take a dish of that!

Madonna. So we already know that the gleeks will be doing a Madonna tribute episode next season. But did you know that they are trying to get Madge to make an appearance? Imagine the endless possibilities.

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Olivia Newton-John. Picture this: Olivia and Jane Lynch doing a "gleeky" version of "Let's Get Physical." I'm laughing already.

Adam Lambert. Glambert may be on his way to the silver screen again, but more PG-13 this time, as Kurt's gay mentor. Duet! Duet!

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