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Is late night the new glass ceiling?

By Simcha Whitehill, The Frisky
Is Ellen poised and ready to move into the world of late night TV?
Is Ellen poised and ready to move into the world of late night TV?
  • With all the turmoil in late night TV, none of the names mentioned are women
  • The Frisky analyzes which names from the pool of ladies could lead them into late night
  • From daytime talk to late-night comedians the list includes a total of six women

(The Frisky) -- I'm sure you've heard by now that Jay Leno is going on later and Conan O'Brien's threatening mutiny and talking to Fox. It's Apocalypse NBC!

In fact, the whole thing has turned messier than one of those David Letterman segments with kids' science experiments. I'm a Craig Ferguson fan myself, so none of this affects me.

Well, except in one strange way. Late night is playing a serious game of musical chairs and yet none of the names being shuffled in the mix are women. Why are all the funny female talk show hosts stuck in daytime? It's like late-night programming is the new glass ceiling. Gals, we've got to break on through to the other side! Here are some women who we think should climb that ladder to late night.

Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen already does exactly what late-night guys do: interviews, gags, and funny segments. But we'd argue she does them better. Not to mention, the girl can shake her groove thang!

Kathy Griffin. Sure, the censor is going to get carpal tunnel syndrome pushing the bleep button over and over again, but as we've seen from her reality show, she's funny off the cuff. And she has an Emmy to show for it!

Olivia Munn. She's been kickin' butt in the boys club forever. A gamer, nerd, and hilarious hottie, G4's Olivia and jokes go together like R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Chelsea Handler. Um, duh! She's already got a late show on E! that is awesome. Why not take her to a major network?

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Whoopi Goldberg. She's too funny to be on "The View." Daytime doesn't let her say what she really wants to. And heck, if she can deal with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she can handle anything. Joy Behar and Sheri Sheppard have their own shows -- it's about time Whoopi got hers.

Amy Poehler. The wild card. She's wacky, smart, and lovable -- a winning late-night combo. After her tenure on "Saturday Night Live," she's no stranger to fast-paced comedy shows and late night. And heck, she's already shown she can out-joke her "Weekend Update" partner-turned-late-night-guy, Jimmy Fallon.

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