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Mayer to tweet no more

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Mayer had an estimated 3.7 million Twitter followers
  • Mayer is returning to the studio to record
  • Mayer will use his blog to communicate with fans

(CNN) -- Grammy Award-winning musician John Mayer has gone cold turkey, giving up his Twitter account and its millions of followers.

"With the Battle Studies Tour now at a close and a return to the studio planned, John has discontinued his Twitter account," a representative said Tuesday. "However, he continues to communicate with his fans via his blog as he always has."

The move to de-tweet breaks a pledge Mayer made in an interview with CNN's Denise Quan in the fall of 2009.

"You neuter your own Twitter account, you show fear," Mayer said. "I think you show fear when you delete it."

Mayer had been an avid user of the microblogging site -- posting accounts of everyday life, making apologies for his use of the N-word during a Playboy interview and announcing impromptu concerts at small clubs.

Mayer had an estimated 3.7 million followers when he pulled the plug.

CNN's Marc Balinsky contributed to this report.