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Fans capture moments with their music heroes

  • Music fans sent in photos of themselves with their musical icons
  • The range of stars is broad, from rocker Steve Tyler to rapper Chamillionaire
  • Photos were shot on the fly using iPhones and digital cameras in a variety of locations across the world

(CNN) -- It's a momentous occasion when a music fan gets to meet their hero.

Lots of iReporters sent in photos of their special moment with a music icon, often shot on the fly using iPhones and digital cameras.

Spanning genres and generations, from Aerosmith's Steve Tyler to rapper Chamillionaire, and venues across the world including a Cuban street, a John Mayer concert in New York and even a technology summit in California, the selection of photos and experiences is broad and sometimes surprising.

Click through our gallery to see pictures of some of our favorite musical icons and read our submitters' impressions of them.