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Publicist: Custody fight may have motivated Mindy McCready 911 call

By Alan Duke, CNN
  • Publicist: McCready relationship with mom is 'volatile'
  • Mindy and mom are in custody fight
  • Singer's lawyer reviewing hospital records

(CNN) -- Mindy McCready's publicist suggested Wednesday that the country singer's mother over-reacted Tuesday when she told an emergency operator that her daughter intentionally overdosed on drugs.

McCready, 34, was rushed to a Fort Myers, Florida, hospital Tuesday morning after a 911 call from her mother's home.

"My daughter has just taken an overdose," the caller said in the 911 recording released by the Lee County sheriff on Tuesday afternoon. CNN has not verified the identity of the caller.

"You've taken too many pills for me to handle this," she said, apparently to someone in the room with her.

McCready, 34, has waged a public battle with drug addiction over the past several years and was a participant in the last season of the reality TV show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew."

She is also in the middle of a custody battle with her mother over guardianship of McCready's son, publicist Kat Atwood said in a written statement.

"It should be noted that the relationship between Mindy and her mother, Gayle, is volatile and unhealthy," Atwood said.

McCready's lawyer has asked to review the hospital's medical records, she said.

The dramatic 911 call suggested McCready had overdosed intentionally.

"I don't know how many pills my daughter's taken," the caller said. "I thought that I could handle it and I'd get her to the hospital but she's evidently taken a whole bottle. There was a lot of Darvocet in the bottle, and I don't know how many she took, but she's claiming she took a lot."

"And it was intentional?" the emergency operator asked. "Yes," the caller said.

Cape Coral Hospital spokeswoman Karen Krieger confirmed that McCready was being treated in the emergency department. "She's in good condition," Krieger said Tuesday.

CNN's Brittany Kaplan contributed to this report.