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Angelina Jolie, other actresses who went behind the camera

By Kate Torgovnick, The Frisky
Angelina Jolie has announced that for her next movie, she won't be acting. She'll be directing and producing.
Angelina Jolie has announced that for her next movie, she won't be acting. She'll be directing and producing.
  • Angelina Jolie will be directing and producing her next film
  • Drew Barrymore has been producing flicks since 1995
  • Sofia Coppola became the third woman nominated for Best Director

(The Frisky) -- Directing movies has gone exceptionally well for many leading men in Hollywood. Clint Eastwood has been nominated for the Best Director Oscar four times, and Warren Beatty, Robert Redford, and Kevin Costner have all gotten Oscar nods for stepping behind the camera. Oh, and George Clooney didn't do too shabby with his directorial debut, "Good Night, and Good Luck," did he?

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Now Angelina Jolie is taking the plunge behind the camera. She's announced that for her next movie, she won't be acting -- she'll be directing and producing. Did we forget to mention that she also wrote the screenplay?

The as-of-now untitled movie is a Bosnian War love story. "The film focuses on a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the war and the effect the war has on their relationship," a public statement about the film reads. It continues that they won't be auditioning big names for these roles; they'll be using actors of "various ethnicities from the region of the former Yugoslavia," according to

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We wish Angie good luck on her first directing venture. In her honor, here are other famous ladies who've sat in the director's chair:

Drew Barrymore has been producing flicks since 1995, when she formed Flower Films, the production company that brought you "Never Been Kissed" and "Charlie's Angels." But it wasn't until last year that Drew tried her hand at directing with the roller derby flick "Whip It."

It was apparently Guy Ritchie who inspired Madonna to direct her first film, "Filth and Wisdom." Like their marriage, it was a stinker. We hope she does better with her new one, "W.E.," the tale of the affair between King Edward VIII and American socialite Wallis Simpson. The flick stars Abbie Cornish and is in production right now.

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Sofia Coppola made her acting debut as a baby, in the christening scene in "The Godfather," because her pops was the director (Francis Ford Coppola). She also landed roles in "The Outsiders," "Peggy Sue Got Married," and "The Godfather Part 3" -- all films her father directed. But then she decided to try directing. She went on to make the "The Virgin Suicides," "Lost In Translation," and "Marie Antoinette." She became the third woman nominated for Best Director for "Lost in Translation."

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Barbra Streisand established a production company in 1972 and wore many hats on the set of "Yentl" -- she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the movie, which got five Academy Award nominations. She did the director-producer-star trifecta twice more in the 90s, for "The Prince of Tides" and "The Mirror Has Two Faces." Some note that in her self-directed flicks, she gives herself a lot of close-ups. We say she earned it.

Goldie Hawn not only starred in 80s classics "Private Benjamin," "Protocol," and "Wildcats" -- she also produced them. She didn't start directing, though, until 1997 when she called the shots for the movie "Hope." We won't hold it against her that it was made for TV.

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And even Jolie's archrival (as some magazines would have us believe), Jennifer Aniston, has directed. The project, in 2006, was a short film called "Room 10" about an emergency room. Apparently, a few years earlier, Jen was even offered the chance to direct an episode of "Friends." She explained later, "Well, I was slotted to direct an episode of 'Friends' And then I got 'The Good Girl.' See? So, you either got 'The Good Girl' or you got a very bad direction of 'Friends.'" She was apparently inspired to direct for real when Gwyneth Paltrow made a short earlier that year.

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