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8 football movies to watch

By Grace Wong for CNN
  • World Cup fever have you craving more of the beautiful game? Check out these movies
  • Filmmakers from around the world have been inspired by football stories
  • See football masters Eric Cantana, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane on the big screen
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As the 2010 World Cup kicks off in South Africa, The Screening Room takes a closer look at representations of the beautiful game in cinema, including interviews with football filmmakers and modern legends of the game. Watch the show at the following times: Wednesday 23 June: 0930, 1730, Saturday 26 June: 0930, 1800, 2130, Sunday 27 June: 0830, 1830, Monday 28 June: 0400 (all times GMT)

(CNN) -- If 64 World Cup matches over the course of a month aren't enough to satisfy your craving for football, don't despair; just turn to the big screen.

The beautiful game has inspired countless films around the world across a variety of genres, from documentaries and action flicks to comedies and dramas.

Whether you're after films that display the incredible athleticism required by soccer or tales inspired by the passion of the game, there's a football film for you.

Check out the gallery above to read more about football movies that score in our book.