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Lindsay Lohan and other stars drop-kicked from films

By Ami Angelowicz, The Frisky

Lindsay Lohan is one of seven stars who have gotten dumped by film directors.
Lindsay Lohan is one of seven stars who have gotten dumped by film directors.
  • "The Other Side" director David Michaels has "moved on" from working with Lindsay Lohan
  • Insiders told the New York Daily News that the Lohan brand is no longer "bankable"
  • Other stars who have faced a similar fate include Sienna Miller and Nicolas Cage

(The Frisky) -- Lindsay Lohan has been dumped once again. This time not by a girlfriend, but by a film director.

David Michaels, the writer and director of "The Other Side" (which is also starring Woody Harrelson, Alanis Morissette, Giovanni Ribisi, and Dave Matthews), announced that the production team "simply chose to move on from Lindsay."

Insiders told the NY Daily News that the Lohan brand no longer brings in the big bucks -- that she's no longer "bankable." Ouch. I wonder if the crazy tweets and alleged drug problem have anything to do with it?

The saddest part is that this was a pity role to begin with. LiLo supposedly only landed the part because Brittany Murphy died. OK, I feel bad for her now. But she can take comfort in the fact that she is not alone.

Here are other actors who got drop-kicked -- HARD:

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Sienna Miller

They say you can never be too rich or too thin, but that was not the case for Sienna Miller. She was dropped from the role of Maid Marion in Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" because she would look too young and thin in sex scenes with a pudgy, aging Russell Crowe as Robin Hood, says UK Telegraph. Other people speculate that she was fired because of her tarnished image after her Balthazar Getty affair. Oy.

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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage claims he wasn't "dropped" from the role of Randy "The Ram" in "The Wrestler". He just couldn't get his body into shape in time without taking steroids, according to a report by Access Hollywood. I wonder what he took to get his hair looking so crazy? Good thing Mickey Rourke stepped into the ring and slammed the part, winning a Golden Globe and an Oscar nom.

Katherine Heigl

Filmmaker Gary Marshall was so not hearting Katherine Heigl after she demanded $3 million to appear in "Valentine's Day." The production team sent her on her way without so much as a box of chocolates.

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Cameron Douglas

I guess the production team of "The Beautiful Outsiders" had a hunch that Cameron Douglas would end up in the slammer for that little meth ring of his. He was dropped as an actor and associate producer from the film last summer, according to TMZ.

Rachelle Lefevre

Nobody has really uncovered the mystery of why "Twilight" actress Rachelle Lefevre was suddenly replaced for the third film in the mega-hit vampire series. It might have been due to a shooting conflict, but some sources say producers wanted to hire an actress to play Victoria (nemesis of Edward Cullen) who costs less. Someone like Bryce Dallas Howard, perhaps? You can bet Rachelle's fangs came out when she heard the news.

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Neal McDonough

Actor Neal McDonough was dropped from the cast of the film "Scoundrels" for refusing to shoot a sex scene with Virginia Madsen. Hopefully, she didn't take it personally because it had nothing to do with her. It was due to his religious beliefs. I'm sure God is proud of him even if the production team wasn't.

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