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Sheen files suit against porn actress

By the CNN Wire Staff
Porn actress Capri Anderson and her attorney appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" today.
Porn actress Capri Anderson and her attorney appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" today.
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(CNN) -- Charlie Sheen has filed a lawsuit against adult film actress Capri Anderson, claiming she tried to extort money from him following an October incident at New York's Plaza Hotel, a representative for the actor told CNN Monday.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, states that Anderson "fabricated a sensational tale about being assaulted, battered and held against her will, and used that fictional story as a basis for an extortion plot against Sheen."

Anderson, whose real name is Christina Walsh, appeared with her attorney on ABC's "Good Morning America" Monday to speak out about an alleged violent encounter she had with Sheen at the hotel. In the interview, Anderson said Sheen sent her an apology through a text message, and "offered money for her silence."

"Charlie Sheen has never offered her a dime to keep her quiet," Sheen's attorney, Yale Galanter said later Monday on CNN's "The Joy Behar Show."

Anderson's attorney, Keith Davidson told CNN Monday evening that a civil suit would be filed "very soon" and that a complaint against Sheen had been filed Monday with the New York Police Department. However, a police representative said no complaint had been received as of 5:10 p.m.

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According to Sheen's complaint, Anderson's lawyers contacted Sheen's lawyers on October 28 to inform them that the actress would go to the authorities and appear on morning talk shows "unless Sheen paid her a seven-figure sum."

"There was definitely never an offer for money to silence her or anything else, as a matter of fact, when her lawyers approached us, we told them to go pound salt because we knew that Mr. Sheen had done absolutely nothing wrong," Galanter said during "The Joy Behar Show."

Galanter said Anderson did not make allegations of wrongful conduct against Sheen on the night of the incident and that she posted on her website "that she was 'fine' and if you wanted to see more of her, for a price, one could enter the website."

Davidson defended his client's right to receive compensation "for the damage to her body, to her emotional state, and to her purse," but wouldn't go into details about whether there had been any talk of a financial settlement.

"We know that the room was trashed, we know that Capri was chased and locked into a bathroom," said Davidson, "and we know that one person was brought away from the hotel against their will."

ABC questioned Anderson about why she called a girlfriend while locked in a bathroom instead of calling the police. She answered that she was in shock, "I never expected the night to unfold the way it did," said Anderson. It is still unclear who called police to the hotel that night.

"We're going to defend these charges vigorously and she will never get a check from Charlie Sheen," Galanter said.

Anderson said she was offered $3,500 to appear at a dinner party with the actor. She said Sheen was drinking heavily and "grew more intense." She said the actor "put his hands around her neck." She also accused Sheen of "snorting a white, powdery substance."

Galanter denied the allegations.

"He was searched, she was searched, the room was searched by the New York Police Department, it's a total fabrication," Galanter said. "There was no cocaine, there was no white, powdery substance, she never saw him doing anything illegal."

Sheen spent several hours in a New York hospital in October after police responded to an early morning call about "an emotionally disturbed person" at The Plaza Hotel, a law enforcement source said. Sheen's representative blamed an "adverse allergic reaction" to a medication for the hospitalization.

Sheen, the son of actor Martin Sheen, signed a contract last summer to continue with his CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men."

CNN's Alan Duke contributed to this report.