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10 odd celebrity endorsements

By Nikki Dowling, The Frisky
Jennifer Aniston teamed up with Smart Water, whose new ad calls the water Aniston's "workout partner."
Jennifer Aniston teamed up with Smart Water, whose new ad calls the water Aniston's "workout partner."
  • Dita von Teese is teaming up with Perrier for their new "paparazzi" line this summer
  • Bradshaw (Parker) will be using an HP because of a partnership with Hewlett-Packard
  • Jennifer Aniston's ad for Smart Water shows the acress posing with rock-hard abs

(The Frisky) -- Sometimes, I suppose, even celebrities need a few extra bucks. Maybe they want to buy a new Benz or a house in the south of France or add a bowling alley to the basement of their mansion? Whatever their motive, many turn to advertising when singing, acting or modeling gigs start to dry up.

Usually, they just stand around and talk about the product and the commercial isn't too much of a stretch. But some celebrity endorsements have left us scratching our heads. Take Dita von Teese who, this summer, is teaming up with Perrier for their new "paparazzi" line. We aren't really sure what burlesque and paparazzi have to do with sparkling water but, hey, it'll probably work. Here are nine more star hucksters peddling strange wares.

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Carrie Bradshaw is so PC now

In "Sex and the City," columnist Carrie Bradshaw does all of her writing on a Mac. She's been shown typing away on it for many, many years -- through all the seasons and the first movie. But in "Sex and the City 2," Bradshaw will be using an HP because of a partnership with Hewlett-Packard. She'll also be showing up in some of their television commercials, print ads, outdoor ads and online ads. Some of the other characters in the movie will be representing the product, too. And they think die-hard fans won't notice the switch?

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King of Darkness' soft spot for butter

Ozzy Osbourne did a spot for ... butter. Well, actually, it was for "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter," which is a combination of chemicals meant to resemble butter. Still, who'd have guessed this old rock star would be doing food ads? Perhaps they paid him in alcohol? At least they didn't have him spread the stuff on a bat.

Punk icon turned insurance salesman

Iggy Pop showed up in a commercial for Swift Cover, which is some kind of insurance for your insurance. That's pretty strange in and of itself but the ad featured Iggy dancing, twitching and sweating while standing topless in front of a purple screen and saying weird things through a clenched, wrinkly jaw. This is a good way not to sell a product.

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Designer Coke

In April, Karl Lagerfeld teamed up with Coke, designing a new and very pretentious-looking Coca-Cola "Light" bottle, to be sold at $5 a pop. Not surprisingly, it is a chic combo of black, white and pink and has a picture of Lagerfeld on it. Die-hard fans can purchase the $80 boxed set at the exclusive Colette boutique in Paris, which comes with one bottle of Lagerfeld's Coca Cola "Light," a display box, and a bottle opener. Or, you Coke fans just buy a regular bottle of Coca-Cola for $.99?

Water does her hot body good

We all know hot models and celebs move products off shelves, but now even bottled water companies are using super hot stars to push their products. Recently, Jennifer Aniston teamed up with Smart Water and their new ad shows the 41-year-old actress posing with rock-hard abs and a big bottle of the pricey water. The ads call Smart Water Aniston's "workout partner," but, let's face it: it's just water, which is basically everyone's workout partner.

Twilight star's titillating print ad

Ashley Greene, who played Alice in "Twilight," also did a weird stint for advertising all in the name of "healthy" water. She wore a painted-on swimsuit (and nothing else but paint) that made her look like she was covered in scales for SoBe's Lifewater, a calorie-free drink that's sort of like water, but it's not.

Alice Cooper eats peas for cash

In one of the weirdest duos I've seen in a long time, Alice Cooper paired up with British TV star Ronnie Corbett to do a spot for Britain's Sky TV Channel. I was too busy watching Cooper and Corbett converse and stuff peas and potatoes in their faces to figure out what the commercial was actually for. It certainly doesn't help that the dialogue in it is incredibly difficult to understand.

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Fred Flintstone sold cigarettes

About 40 years ago, Fred Flintstone was pushing Winston Cigarettes. The commercial shows Fred going into a cave to buy some cigs. Then, he gets into a conversation with the shop owner about how awesome Winstons are. He proudly claims he'll never smoke anything else. That is, until scientists found out cigarettes cause cancer and he switched to hawking kids' vitamins and mac n' cheese shapes.

Gorbachev's political pizza spot

Although former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev isn't technically a celebrity, his commercial for Pizza Hut in 1997 was just too weird not to mention here. The ad, which is subtitled, features Gorbachev chowing down in a very rustic-looking pizza restaurant while people praise his political prowess. The whole thing was meant to promote Pizza Hut's "the edge" pizza, which had toppings that went all the way to the edge of the crust. Huh?

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