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Playboy rejects Kate Gosselin

By Olivia Allin, The Frisky
Kate Gosselin is the second Gosselin rejected from the porno business.
Kate Gosselin is the second Gosselin rejected from the porno business.
  • Kate Gosselin isn't the only celebrity to fall short of Hef's stringent standards
  • When Audrina Patridge was 19, she hired a photographer to take photos of her topless
  • Hefner rejected pictures of Shirley Jones because he "expected more nudity"

(The Frisky) -- Kate Gosselin has had some tough blows this year and Hugh Hefner has dealt her another one.

When asked if there was any possibility that Momzilla would grace the glossy covers of Playboy, Hef said, "No! No!" And the original playboy added insult to injury by suggesting he doesn't even know why she's on "Dancing with the Stars."

He explained, "I don't think she's a celebrity." She is the second Gosselin rejected from the porno business. It must hurt to hear that no one wants to check out your goody basket.

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Don't worry, Kate, you're not the only celebrity to fall short of Hef's stringent standards. You're not even the only celebrity on "DWTS" to be rejected! Here are some others who were told to "keep it on."

Audrina Patridge

Remember when Audrina Patridge "accidentally" leaked some topless photos and was "so embarrassed?" It turned out that she hired a photographer to do the photo shoot when she was 19 years old, to submit to Playboy, but they didn't want to publish the pics. I can't really imagine a better fit for the magazine. Maybe they just didn't dig the schoolgirl-in-her-parents-pool set-up?

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Kelly Osbourne

Way back in 2006, Kelly Osbourne expressed interest in taking it off for Playboy but said some of her body parts "would need some airbrushing." In response, Hugh Hefner said, "I can't see it happening somehow; we don't airbrush to that extent." Jeez, Hef, grow some tact! I wonder if Hef is bummed now that Kelly is thinner, tan, and more Playboy's speed?

Bridget Marquardt

Bridget Marquardt might have been one of the "Girls Next Door," but apparently, she couldn't get in the door at Playboy. After a couple of failed test shoots, she was rejected from being a Playmate, but the Hef welcomed her into his brothel of babes. It seems like a much better deal to get the riches and fame without getting naked. So much for being the dumb one!

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears wasn't exactly rejected, but she was put on the cooler until she stopped acting so nutty. Playboy reps said, "Hef has said that he is more than happy to feature Britney in the magazine once she can put herself back on the road to recovery." Really? You're asking her to get her act together and then pose naked? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

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The "royal" housewife

When "Real Housewives of New York City" reality star and former model Kelly Bensimon announced she was doing Playboy, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps was all, "No one asked me!" But she has since changed her tune. She says, "I think my 15-year-old would have a heart attack if I were to do Playboy. It's not something I really want to do." It's generally a good idea to feign disinterest in things that totally aren't going to happen. I've already emailed John Mayer to tell him I won't date him. He's probably really sad."

Russian lesbian pop stars TATU

Remember that awesome Russian lesbian singing duo, TATU? They did that song "All the Things She Said" and that cover of "How Soon is Now"? Well, they were really excited to pose for Playboy when they both turned 18, but German and American editions of the magazine said they weren't interested! They did get a blurb in the music section of Playboy, but had to keep their clothes on, which, judging from their music videos, was really hard for them.

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"The Partridge Family" mom

Shirley Jones, who played the mom on "The Partridge Family," might be 75 years old, but that didn't stop her from posing for some sexy test shots, featuring legs and cleave. But Hefner rejected the pictures, apparently because he "expected more nudity" from the actress. I think at 75, if the biggest insult Hugh Hefner can give you is that he wants to see more of you naked, you've totally won.

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