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Choose your best Connector of the Day

By Phil Han, CNN
  • Here's our look at some of the most popular Connectors of the Day
  • Our guests have ranged from celebs, singers, activists and billionaires
  • Please leave your comment below on who you loved the most
  • Also, tell us who you want to see in the coming months

Editor's Note: We've expanded our original nine candidates to 12, with the addition of Crystal Chapell, Dolly Parton and Naomi Campbell. Voting for the video to appear in the show is now closed.

(CNN) -- Over the past few months, we've had an interesting mix of guests that have included Nobel prize winners, billionaires, pop stars and even former presidents.

They've all been part of our series called "Connector of the Day" -- a segment where we give you -- the viewer -- an opportunity to ask some of the world's most famous personalities a question.

We've had a huge response from people all over the world and we consistently get questions from places like Nigeria, Honduras, Australia, South Korea and Canada.

Not to mention the range of questions we get are anything but ordinary.

Watch all of the Top Connectors: Naomi Campbell, Crystal Chappell Video, Paulo Coelho, Video Richard Dawkins Video, Ian McKellan Video,Pervez Musharraf, Dolly Parton Video, Pet Shop Boys Video, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Desmond Tutu, Stevie Wonder Video.

Video: Who's your favourite?

We've had marriage proposals, people asking for help to start a business and even bribes of bottles of vodka for the Pet Shop Boys to come to Russia.

As we take a look back over the last few months, we want to remember some of our most memorable Connectors.

Whether you liked, loved or loathed them -- we want to know.

We've chosen 12 of our most popular Connectors of the Day and we want to know who you liked the best.

Place your vote on our Connect the World homepage

Do you have a particularly favorite? Is there someone you want to see in the future? Maybe there's someone you wished weren't even on our list?

Whatever the case, we want to know.

Let us know your questions and comments and where you are writing from.