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Obama: Put politics aside to grow economy

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Obama: Jobs up but not good enough
  • He says Republicans, Democrats must work together
  • Obama is headed to Asia to help create new markets
  • Competition with other countries most important, he says

Washington (CNN) -- President Obama on Friday hailed new "encouraging" job numbers and said it is imperative that Democrats and Republicans work together to improve the economy.

"Based on today's jobs report, we've now seen private sector job growth for 10 straight months. That means that since January, the private sector has added 1.1 million jobs," he said at the White House after the Labor Department reported that the economy added 151,000 jobs in October.

But Obama said unemployment is "still unacceptably high" and suggested policies to help jump-start the economy, such as tax breaks for small businesses.

The president, who made the remarks before a trip to India and other Asian countries, said he hopes to help create markets for U.S. businesses.

"The most important competition that we face in the new century will not be between Democrats and Republicans. It's the competition with countries around the world to lead the global economy, and our success or failure in this race will depend on whether we can come together as a nation.

"Our future depends on putting politics aside to solve problems, to worry about the next generation instead of the next election. We can't spend the next two years mired in gridlock. Other countries like China aren't standing still, so we can't stand still either. We have to move forward."