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Campaign Circus: Bloomberg a good-luck charm?

By Ed Hornick, CNN
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lent support to several candidate running for office this year.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lent support to several candidate running for office this year.
  • Republican Haley Barbour tells why voters want Republicans voted in
  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg-endorsed candidates are likely to be elected
  • Vote count chaos likely in Alaska Senate race

Washington (CNN) -- With Election Day just hours away, the rhetoric keeps getting more intense, interesting and, shall we say, passionate. Here are some things you might have missed.

Everything Bloomberg touches turns to ....

Voted in? New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made billions betting on what the stock market would do. It appears his gambling instincts may be good in the political arena, too, the New York Daily News points out. Three statewide candidates that Hizzoner endorsed -- including Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo -- are leading in the polls and poised to win on Tuesday.

The bid is too damn low!

Jimmy McMillan, the "Rent is Too Damn High" candidate for New York governor, is taking his platform to the Web. He recently endorsed an internet auction site,, which allows users to "bid against each other to win a month's rent ($1,200)," according to POLITICO. Watch McMillan's video endorsement here.

Obama helps woman pay for a new house

President Obama gets a lot of mail, and it's safe to say a lot of it isn't read by him. But he does take time to write handwritten letters back to some people, including Michigan resident Jennifer Cline, whose letter detailing her health care struggles touched the president and resulted in a response.

Now that handwritten letter from Obama is paying off. The New York Post reports Cline is selling the letter to an autograph dealer for $7,000 -- to help pay for a house.

They love us! They really love us! Right?

Haley Barbour -- chairman of the Republican Governors Association -- is a tell-it-like-it-is kind of politician. And he certainly didn't hold back on what he sees as the real reason his party could sweep up seats in Congress on Tuesday: Voters may not love us, he told CBS, but anything's better than the status quo.

Are you ready for some ... chaos?

The Senate race in Alaska has definitely been a talker this campaign season, as longtime Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski lost to Tea Party-backed candidate Joe Miller in the GOP primary. Murkowski didn't give up -- she chose to run as a write-in candidate. But that move may create a vote count mess,The New York Times reports -- and the winner may not be declared for weeks.

Picture of the Day: I'll have what he's having

President Obama is seen in this AFP/Getty Images photo ordering lunch at Famous 4th Street Deli in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday. Perhaps he ordered the restaurant's famous hot corned beef and didn't tell his health-conscious wife?

Spreading the Tea

The Tea Party movement has officially spread overseas. Reuters reports that Israel's version launched a "Say No to Obama" rally on Sunday to help Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "reject Obama's pressure to bend to Palestinian conditions for the revival of flagging peace talks."