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Campaign Circus: Is a wig a campaign contribution?

By Ed Hornick, CNN
A state board in Kansas has weighed in on whether a candidate could consider a wig a campaign donation.
A state board in Kansas has weighed in on whether a candidate could consider a wig a campaign donation.
  • State board shoots down candidate's request to expense a wig
  • Sen. Harry Reid says he doesn't need to prove his manhood
  • Rocker John Mellencamp comes to Sarah Palin's defense

(CNN) -- As Election Day gets closer, the rhetoric gets more intense, interesting and, shall we say, passionate. Here are some things that you might have missed.

Wigged out

The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission ruled that Joan Heffington, the unsuccessful candidate in the state's GOP gubernatorial primary, "cannot accept a $159 wig as an in-kind campaign contribution," according to the Lawrence Journal-World.

Palin 'hurts so good'

Rocker John Mellencamp, while not a fan of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's policy positions, recently said that her intelligence shouldn't be questioned just because she "says things and winks."

California crownin'

Queen Meg is becoming a fixture in the California governor's race -- not Meg Whitman, but a caricature of her as a monarch, complete with crown and sash. She's appeared before the debate between Whitman and her Democratic opponent, Jerry Brown, and is a creation of the California Nurses Association, which accuses the former eBay chief of misleading the public and favoring Wall Street over state workers.

Steroid attack

Linda McMahon, the Republican senatorial candidate in Connecticut, is facing criticism in a new ad by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee about World Wrestling Entertainment's alleged past steroid abuse.

Reid's not about to prove his manhood

In a Senate race that has devolved into a bravado competition of sorts, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he doesn't have to prove his manhood. It comes after a debate in which his opponent -- GOPer Sharron Angle -- said flat-out: "Man up."

Gay conservatives target gay congressman

A political group of gay conservatives will begin airing ads against a handful of Democratic candidates Monday, including a spot against openly gay Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

Toxic powder sent to Arizona congressman

The FBI is investigating a toxic substance found inside a package that was sent to the office of Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, a spokesman for the Democratic congressman said.

CNN's Rachel Clarke, Evan Glass and Alexander Mooney contributed to this report.