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Campaign Circus: First lady's green thumb pays off

By Ed Hornick, CNN
First lady Michelle Obama plucked a giant sweet potato from the White House garden.
First lady Michelle Obama plucked a giant sweet potato from the White House garden.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama recently unveiled her White House garden's fall harvest
  • Christine O'Donnell asked to name a Democratic senator she could get along with
  • "The Rent Is To High" candidate faces questions about his own rent

Washington (CNN) -- As Election Day gets closer, the rhetoric gets more intense and, shall we say, passionate. Here are some things that you might have missed.

One mighty sweet potato

First lady Michelle Obama's green thumb is obvious, as is her approach to healthy living. But she has a bigger issue on her hands: a giant sweet potato plucked from the White House garden.

But does he pay rent?

Jimmy McMillan was the relatively unknown New York gubernatorial candidate for the Rent is Too Damn High Party until he stole the show in a recent debate, in which he declared "The. Rent. Is. Too. Damn. High." It turns out he may not pay rent at all.

Candidate in hot water for deer-meat sales

George Hallarn, a Democrat running for commissioner in Fairfield County, Ohio, has been charged with illegally selling deer meat.

O'Donnell's favorite Democratic senator?

Republican Christine O'Donnell, vying to become Delaware's next senator, was asked on Wednesday night to name a Democratic senator she'd be comfortable working with if elected. Her pick? Now-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rushing to criticize Rove

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is none too happy with comments made by Karl Rove, in which he said that the Tea Party was "not sophisticated." On his radio program, Rush let the former Bush administration official have it.

'I miss Air Force One'

President George W. Bush told a crowd at the University of Texas at Tyler on Tuesday that he misses certain parts of being president -- including the more creature comforts: "being pampered" and "I miss Air Force One ... being commander in chief of an awesome group."

Huckabee calls on Congress to cut NPR funding

In the wake of NPR's firing of contributor Juan Williams over comments about Muslims, Mike Huckabee is calling on the next Congress to cut the radio network's funding when it convenes next year.

Black councilman told to work in cotton field

A squabble at a council meeting in a small Georgia town has caught the attention of the NAACP after a white councilman told his black counterpart that he should be working in a cotton field.

Marshmallows to the rescue

If politics is getting too crazy for you, the Marshmallow Fun Company is providing some bipartisan relief in the form of Democratic and Republican filiblasters (for ages 6 and up). These marshmallow-shooting weapons are sure to inject some sweet, lighthearted fun into this bitter election season. Get yours here.

CNN's Peter Hamby and Kristi Keck contributed to this report.