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Sound of Sunday: Most intriguing quotes

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, talks to CNN's Candy Crowley about the midterm election.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, talks to CNN's Candy Crowley about the midterm election.
  • The enthusiasm gap is "much stronger on the Republican side," says Rep. Kevin McCarthy
  • Palin "certainly has a following, and she's an interesting personality," says David Axelrod
  • "Let us -- let Pakistan alone," says former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf

(CNN) -- Here are some of the most quotable sound bites from the Sunday morning shows:

On midterm elections:

"Well, I don't see them [polls] closing on the Democratic side. .... I think what's happening here, and you look at the enthusiasm gap, much stronger on the Republican side, even than it was in 1994, much stronger on independent voters voting for Republicans, stronger than 1994." -- Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, CNN's "State of The Union"

"There are issues where they [Democrats] stood with the speaker and the president, and there are issues where they opposed the speaker and the president. That's their job. As opposed to on the other side, where you have this ideological purity test, and it's being moved even farther to the right by the Tea Party candidates, which are moving the Republican Party way off to the right." -- Rep. Chris VanHollen, D-Maryland, "State of the Union"

"Over the last 20 months the country has seen what the other party has to offer. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a lot of coming together in terms of trying to come up with solutions to get people back to work ... And as you know, the Democratic candidates across this country are running as fast as they can from the agenda that President Obama and Speaker Pelosi have put forward" -- House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, "Fox News Sunday"

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"And now they want the keys to the car back. And American voters understand that if we want to keep fighting to move in the new -- in a new direction, we've got a long way to go. And we need to make sure we continue with Democrats being in the majority. And that's why we will hold the majority on November 2nd."--Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Florida, "Fox News Sunday"

"I'm hoping that with more seats, the Republicans will feel a greater sense of responsibility to work with us to solve some of these problems" -- White House senior adviser David Axelrod, CBS "Face the Nation"

On Sarah Palin:

"She certainly has a following and she's an interesting personality. ... I'm not going to pass judgment on the level of force she represents in her politics ... when she sends out a tweet on Twitter or puts something on her Facebook, you guys cover it, people respond to it. And so that makes her a player in our politics" -- Axelrod, "Face the Nation"

"I have a lot of respect for Sarah Palin. I think she'll be a force if she does run in the Republican Party primary for the nomination. I'm not privy to her thinking on that. She leaned into it a little bit recently." Former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie, "Face the Nation"

On the Obama administration's handling of terrorism:

"By and large, there's been a powerful continuity between the 43rd and the 44th president, and I think that simply reflects the reality that both President Obama and President Bush faced in terms of the threat and the tools that are available to them." -- Former CIA director Michael Hayden, "State of the Union"

On Pakistan:

"Let us -- let Pakistan alone, and let us deal with the situation. It's critical. And it is in our own interest to deal with it. We don't want United States to help us. ... is it critical for us." -- Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, ABC's "This Week"

"Pakistan has been an incredible challenge and reward for American intelligence cooperation. ... We had some tremendous counterterrorism success with the Pakistanis. And at times, that was balanced with some tremendous counterterrorism frustrations. It's -- it's very difficult for the Pakistanis to do some of the things that we think they have to do for our mutual benefit" -- Hayden, "State of the Union"

On the Connecticut Senate race:

"My biggest strength is that the people of Connecticut know me, they know me as a fighter, someone who has been on their side. They can count on me. And I have been with them for 20 years." -- Connecticut Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal, "This Week"

"I've been totally down and out, able to come back. And I want to make sure -- I mean, this is -- this is the greatest country in the world, and I really want to make sure we preserve that opportunity." -- Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon, "This Week"

On the Illinois Senate race:

"I made mistakes with regard to my military misstatements. I was careless and I learned a very painful and humbling lesson. This is very important to me. ... And so I corrected the record." -- Illinois Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk, NBC's "Meet The Press"

"Nothing is inconsistent and I make my tax returns public, unlike the congressman. I make my tax returns public. Everyone can see what I pay in taxes. I paid my state treasurer's salary in taxes. I'm getting a refund because of a widely known business failure, and I'm giving that money to charity." -- Illinois Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias, NBC's "Meet The Press"

On President Obama vs. Karl Rove:

"The president of the United States accused the Chamber of Commerce, and the Democratic National Committee in its new ad accuses Ed Gillespie and I of a criminal violation of our law by getting foreign money and spending it on American political campaigns, and they have not one shred of evidence to back up that baseless lie." -- GOP strategist Karl Rove, "Fox News Sunday"