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Colorful politician Boehner vows to 'rein in' Obama

By Jonathan Mann, CNN
John Bohner claims that "government is out of control in Washington."
John Bohner claims that "government is out of control in Washington."
  • Republican John Boehner set to become minority leader of the House
  • Boehner, famous for his tan, has pledged to rein in government
  • Obama: "He is a person of color, although not a color that appears in natural world"

(CNN) -- America's official colors are red, white and blue but the man to watch right now is orange.

"John Boehner and I have a lot in common," President Obama joked not too long ago. "He is a person of color, although not a color that appears in the natural world."

Boehner is one of the country's most powerful politicians. Millions of Americans may know him best, though, because of his pronounced and seemingly permanent tan.

They're about to find out more. Boehner is poised to be the biggest winner in America's Congressional elections next month.

The 61-year-old Republican serves as the minority leader in the House of Representatives. Public opinion polls suggest the Republicans will win a majority of seats in the House. If so, Boehner will take over as House speaker, setting the legislative agenda and emerging as the closest thing America ever gets to an official leader of the opposition.

There are still weeks to go until November 2 and the race is hardly over. But Boehner is clearly preparing for the role, announcing plans to undo much of the Obama administration's work.

"Government is out of control in Washington," he said recently. "We need to rein it in and begin a new drive for a smaller, less costly and more accountable government."

Keep in mind that even if the House changes hands and Boehner gets his promotion, Obama will still be president. The Congress and the White House will both have a lot riding on their relationship. Boehner has himself described it as lacking.

In a recent appearance on the Fox News network, Boehner picked up on the Obama's joke about his tan and then went on to say something more.

"We talk about golf, we talk about our skin color, we have a nice relationship. The problem we have is that when we talk to each other, there's no connection," he said. "When I talk about the real world, it doesn't seem to register."

Personally and politically, things could get difficult. Then what?

Wait and watch. Even if you don't recognize many American politicians, Boehner will be easy to spot.