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Sparks fly at Massachusetts gubernatorial debate

By Alison Harding, CNN
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Candidates joust on trust, spending
  • Independent Tim Cahill takes on Republican Charlie Baker during the debate
  • He accuses him of lying about him in campaign ads

(CNN) -- Tempers flew at a Massachusetts gubernatorial debate Tuesday night, as the four candidates hashed out their positions just six weeks before the election.

Independent Tim Cahill took on Republican Charlie Baker during the debate hosted by CNN's John King, saying Baker lied about him in campaign ads.

"When you're lying about my record on TV and you're not taking responsibility for your record ... how are the people of Massachusetts going to trust you?" Cahill asked Baker during a portion of the debate in which the candidates asked each other questions.

At the debate, Baker said he has "been extremely disappointed with the governor's and treasurer's ability to create a balanced budget."

In an effort to support Baker, the Republican Governors Association launched a media blitz last spring accusing Cahill, the state's current treasurer, of being "reckless" with taxpayer money.

Cahill has lambasted the ads as "the old way of party politics."

Cahill and Baker face incumbent governor Democrat Deval Patrick and Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein in the race.

Patrick currently leads with a slight edge over his opponents in various polls taken this summer.