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Bill Maher: O'Donnell's win is good for the Democrats

By Jason Hanna, CNN
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Maher: Dems poor at selling successes
  • Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell wins Delaware's GOP primary
  • O'Donnell beats U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, who was backed by Republicans
  • "She's going to get her Christian ass kicked in the general election," Bill Maher says

(CNN) -- Comedian Bill Maher says he's happy Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell won Delaware's GOP primary for U.S. Senate on Tuesday night.

First, because he knows and likes her. Second, because he thinks her nomination has ensured that Democrats will keep the Senate seat in the general election.

"Democrats should be very happy that people like Christine O'Donnell are winning [primary] elections, because in the general election -- of course the Democrats are going to lose some seats, probably a lot, but not as many as they would have if the teabaggers weren't winning the primary," Maher, host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," said on CNN's "Larry King Live" on Tuesday night.

O'Donnell, a political commentator, beat U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, who was backed by the Republican establishment.

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Maher, a provocateur, is no fan of the far right of the political spectrum or religion. He said O'Donnell was one of his frequent guests on his old show "Politically Incorrect."

"We loved Christine O'Donnell. I still like her. You cannot not like her. She is such a nice person," Maher said.

"She was known back then as the girl from S.A.L.T. -- Savior's Alliance for Lifting the Truth. Part of me, for sentimental reasons, is rooting for Christine O'Donnell in Delaware [for the primary].

"And the other part of me is rooting for her because she's going to get her Christian ass kicked in the general election."

Maher said voters "are not comfortable with people who are 'out there' on the left or the right, and these teabaggers are 'out there.' "

"Christine O'Donnell, like all these teabaggers, has no plan, no agenda, no policy points. They have one advantage: They're running against Democrats," Maher said.

Maher said he hoped O'Donnell would come on his show Friday "for old times' sake."

"I put you on the map," Maher said.

"She owes me. And I'm always nice to her, because you can't not be nice to her. She's such a sweet girl."