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Army finishes initial review of McChrystal affair

By Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon Correspondent
  • Report is sent to the Defense Department's inspector general
  • Sending the report to a higher level could indicate others will be cited
  • McChrystal lost his job after he and staff members made comments to Rolling Stone

Washington (CNN) -- The Army's inspector general has completed an initial review into the circumstances surrounding comments by former Gen. Stanley McChrystal and his staff that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, Army spokesman Col. Tom Collins told CNN.

The interview resulted in President Barack Obama firing the general, who was in charge of military operations in Afghanistan.

The Army's portion of the investigation is complete, Collins said, and the results have been forwarded to the inspector general for the Defense Department.

Although Collins would not comment, typically when a report is sent for a higher-level review by the Defense Department it is an indication that people from other services or civilians may be cited for wrongdoing.

Usually, inspector general reports that conclude there has been wrongdoing turn that information over to whichever part of the military has jurisdiction over the individuals involved.

Collins emphasized that "there is no indication of any pending actions against Gen. McChrystal."