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Director of national intelligence names deputy to boost collaboration

By Pam Benson, CNN National Security Producer
  • Clapper appoints a deputy director for intelligence integration
  • Goal is better collaboration between intelligence collectors and analysts
  • Robert Cardillo, deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, will start next month

Washington (CNN) -- After just two weeks on the job, the nation's new intelligence chief has taken his first step toward further integrating the intelligence community.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper announced Friday that he is creating the position of deputy director for intelligence integration. In a written statement, Clapper said the new position is designed "to elevate information sharing and collaboration" between those who collect intelligence and those who analyze it.

Robert Cardillo, the deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, will assume the new position late next month, Clapper's statement said.

The intelligence community has been criticized for failing to adequately work together and connect bits of information that might have detected some recent failed terrorist attacks within the United States.

During his Senate confirmation hearings in July, Clapper acknowledged more collaboration within the intelligence networks was needed. He said it was his responsibility to do everything in his power to improve information-sharing within the 16-member intelligence community.

"There is indeed a unique culture in the intelligence community, and there are in fact subcultures very much built around the trade craft that each of the so-called stovepipes foster," Clapper told the senators. "The trick is, of course, is to bring them together ... and to synchronize and mesh them, and to bring together the complementary attributes that each one of those skill sets bring to bear. That's where I think leadership is huge."