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D.C. police open investigation into Salahis' security detail

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • D.C. police investigate incident depicted on "Real Housewives" episode
  • Authorities are trying to determine whether Salahis got a police escort to a party
  • Salahis are known as "White House crashers" after attending state dinner uninvited

(CNN) -- Washington D.C. Metropolitan police have opened an investigation into whether reality television stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi got a police escort for their limousine to attend a party, as depicted on this week's episode of "The Real Housewives of D.C."

"We were alerted by a reporter who saw it on television," police spokesman Lt. Nicholas Breul told CNN Saturday. "The chief has asked that an investigation be conducted into whether or not there was any type of an escort for the Salahis. We're working to identify the car and the officer."

It wasn't immediately clear when the incident on the "Housewives" episode occurred. The Salahis grabbed headlines as "White House crashers" after attending President Barack Obama's first state dinner without an invitation in November.

Breul told CNN that the department typically provides escorts for the president of the United States and other dignitaries, but not for private citizens.

"Escorts are generally used for safety reasons to swiftly move people, and those are generally dignitaries, from one point or another," Breul told CNN. "Generally speaking, there are no escorts for people going to parties or social functions."

According to the Washington Post, the markings on the police cruiser identify it as belonging to the police department's 3rd District. Capt. Juanita Mitchell, the watch commander for the 3rd District, did not know about the alleged escort.

"I have no knowledge of what you are referring to," Mitchell told CNN.

CNN requested comment from the Salahis and Bravo, the network which airs the program, but has not heard back from either.