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Democrats reject ban on lame-duck legislating

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • The House has defeated a ban on the passage of key legislation after the midterm elections
  • Republicans fear Democrats will use a lame-duck session to advance controversial measures
  • The defeated resolution would have allowed for an exception in the case of national emergencies

Washington (CNN) -- The House of Representatives rejected a GOP measure Tuesday that would have prevented the chamber from meeting after the November midterm elections.

Key Republicans believe Democrats may attempt to use a lame-duck session to advance controversial legislation -- an idea publicly rejected by Democratic leaders.

Republicans have expressed a fear that if Democrats suffer major losses in November, they'll try to pass climate change, immigration and other currently stalled bills before the new Congress is seated in January. The term "lame duck" refers to politicians or legislative bodies which still must finish out their terms after elections are held and before their successors are inaugurated.

The measure would have provided for an exception to the ban "in the case of an unforeseen, sudden emergency requiring immediate action from Congress."