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Goodwin sworn in as interim successor to Byrd

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Carte Goodwin is sworn in as the interim replacement for Sen. Robert Byrd
  • Goodwin will serve until a special election in November chooses Byrd's successor
  • West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, who appointed Goodwin, will run for Byrd's seat

Washington (CNN) -- Carte Goodwin was sworn in Tuesday as the interim replacement for the late Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, giving Senate Democrats a key vote for issues such as the extension of unemployment benefits.

A Republican filibuster had prevented Democrats from ending debate on the jobless benefits measure, but with Goodwin's vote and support from two Republicans, Democrats overcame the GOP maneuver in a vote Tuesday afternoon.

Goodwin arrived for work in Washington a day after the West Virginia state legislature approved a plan to hold a special election in November to fill Byrd's old seat.

Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin signed the measure after a compromise worked out by state lawmakers won final approval.

The primary election will be August 28 and the vote for Byrd's successor will take place as part of the congressional mid-term election November 2, Manchin said.

Last week, Manchin appointed former aide Goodwin as the interim replacement for Byrd until the special election.

On Tuesday, Manchin announced he will run for the Senate seat being held temporarily by Goodwin.