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Independent counsel named in investigations of New York governor

By Laura Batchelor, CNN
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More trouble for Gov. Paterson
  • New York attorney general appoints ex-judge to investigate Gov. David Paterson
  • Paterson faces allegations involving World Series tickets, former aide
  • Judge Judith Kaye has agreed to work pro bono, AG Andrew Cuomo says

New York (CNN) -- New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has appointed a former chief judge of the State Appellate Court to oversee two investigations of Gov. David Paterson.

Judge Judith Kaye was officially appointed independent counsel to the New York State Attorney General on Thursday.

Kaye will continue the inquiry into Paterson after the preliminary investigation determined "that there are credible issues that need to be resolved," Cuomo announced during a conference call.

Cuomo told reporters it was "out of an abundance of caution," that he brings in Kaye. She has agreed to work pro bono, thus adding no additional costs to the taxpayer, Cuomo added.

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Kaye will investigate whether Paterson lied about his intentions to pay for World Series tickets and whether he interfered with a domestic violence case involving a top aide.

Kaye "will provide a proper investigation and avoid any possible appearance of any political interest or conflict whatsoever," Cuomo said.

The team of lawyers and investigators already involved will continue their work and report to Kaye.

Cuomo is widely rumored to be planning a run for governor and drew criticism recently from some quarters for investigating the current governor.